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MacKenzie is highlighting various sections of the New York Times when Jerry Dantana comes in to tell her that Cyrus West told him something very important last night. But first, MacKenzie makes fun of Cyrus and his love of punctuation. "How long do you guys give people shit in New York?" Dantana moans. Um, it's only been, like 12 hours, Dantana. Please don't stop MacKenzie from saying lines that are actually funny.

Dantana asks if MacKenzie has ever heard of "Operation Genoa," which is named after the sail on a boat rather than the salami. MacKenzie, of course, has not heard of it because, as we all know, it's not real. Which kind of takes out a lot of the suspense here, doesn't it? There's no mystery to this now except for how badly they'll screw it up. Meh. Dantana says that Cyrus West told him that there was MARSOC extraction in Pakistan. Why does this show spend ten minutes an episode telling me things I already know over and over again and then doesn't explain what a MARSOC is?! I had to look it up, and that's annoying. Also it means Marine Special Operations Command. Anyway, MARSOC raided a village where two American troops were being held hostage and used Sarin gas on a bunch of civilians. Except that it didn't because this story is fake.

MacKenzie is reluctant to believe that something so illegal and so huge could have been kept secret. Dantana asks if she would be taking this more seriously if he was Jim. "JD, you don't have to feel competitive with Jim," MacKenzie says, calling Dantana by a nickname we've never heard before or since. Dantana whines that no one takes him seriously after he's been at NewsNight for all of one day. MacKenzie tells him to check into the fake story and also to lighten up.

"On the off-chance that it turns out to be true, people are gonna have to resign," Dantana says. "On the off-chance it turns out to be true, people would have to go to prison," MacKenzie says. Lighten up, MacKenzie.

And then Maggie walks in looking like a hot mess. Dantana doesn't want to talk about Genoa in front of her because he's smart, but MacKenzie says he can discuss this stuff in front of anyone at ACN. And really, if he was that concerned about keeping this under wraps, he wouldn't have told MacKenzie, who can't operate a speaker phone or email.

He leaves, and MacKenzie asks Maggie why she came to work with wet hair. "They don't have blow dryers in the gym," Maggie says. She takes this time when she's looking her professional best to ask Maggie for a minute so she and Gary Cooper can pitch "Africa." "Be specific," MacKenzie says, reminding Maggie that Africa is a "huge place." MacKenzie runs away from her and into Will's office, where Elliot and Dr. Dr. Sloan are waiting.

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