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Before they can get down to business, Elliot tells us that his wife wants a really nice closet, so he hired someone to make one for her. "Is it going to be great?" Dr. Dr. Sloan asks, even though Will just said they've been discussing this for six minutes and you'd think that question would have already come up.

"Women and closets!" Elliot exclaims. OMG I know right? CLOSETS!!!!! LOVE EM.

Dr. Dr. Sloan says men love showers, so there. SO TRUE. As a woman, I'm usually like I HATE SHOWERS but then one day I decided to think of my shower as a closet but with water in it and now I LOVE SHOWERS.

"I've got an awesome shower. I love my shower," Will says. I hope we never ever see it. Elliot admits that while his wife's closet is being built, her clothes are in his closet and his clothes are in his shower. Will is disgusted with him.

Finally, Will tells them why they've been summoned to his office: they're going to anchor the 9/11 special, not Will. Elliot: "oh FUCK THAT." Dr. Dr. Sloan: "no way." Will claims it was his decision and his alone; he's about to be condemned on the House floor. "We," MacKenzie says. "We did the broadcast." Stop trying to horn in on Will's Congressional condemning. "I'm bad news right now," Will says. "I'm not who I used to be right now." Whatever that means. Sounds a bit over dramatic to me. "It's not right that I inflict myself on a profound national day of mourning," he says. That is somehow so self-important. With that, Elliot and Dr. Dr. Sloan leave the office.

MacKenzie asks Will why he claimed this was his decision. She thinks he's protecting Charlie. Will says he was protecting himself from being embarrassed. Duh.

Jim prepares to do his report from Romney's latest stop. He sets up the camera, then asks that blonde woman, who says her name is "Hallie," to make sure he's in the frame. She proceeds to line the camera up so he's not in frame at all. "We're competitors," she says. Yes. Definitely try to fuck over the guy who could be your boss next week to make sure you get that amazing Romney scoop first. So worth it. Also, Jim? Just flip your playback screen on the camera around so you can see yourself on it. That's a lot easier.

Don arrives at work and, despite spending most of last night dealing with Maggie, he's got a pile of papers to toss on Will's desk. It's about Troy Davis, who will be executed if Don can't save him. Except that we know he's going to get executed. So. There goes that dramatic tension. Also, it's supposed to be August 25 but Davis's execution date wasn't set until September 7. Don is apparently big on this cause, saying he's been following the case for nine years, he visits Davis every six months and he knows him. And thinks he's innocent. Don wants Will to talk about the case on his newscast and go through everything that's gone wrong with it. Will refuses. He says he'll leave the justice to the justice system.

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