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Don protests, citing all kinds of reasons why the justice system didn't work this time and why Will, as a former prosecutor, is the best man to take this on as a news anchor. Will admits he sees reasonable doubt in the case but doesn't want anything to do with it.

In the control room, those two guys we always see but whose names we don't know are going over ACN footage from 9/11. Turns out that Will covered all of it for ACN because even though he was just a legal analyst and not an anchor, he was the only person there to do it. So he bravely stepped up and – actually, no. I can't bring myself to recap Sorkin's version of Will's 9/11. Sorry.

That night, Maggie heads for Dr. Dr. Sloan's office to get her stuff. Dr. Dr. Sloan demands to know what happened between her and Don. Maggie explains the YouTube video. Dr. Dr. Sloan's biggest question is why Jim was on a Sex and the City tour bus. Maggie's trying to get the video taken down, but evil YouTube is making her wait five days.

Suddenly Maggie has an idea! She'll find the person who posted the video by stalking her Foursquare account! And lo and behold: the poster just checked into a Laundromat in Astoria. Oooh, is she the mayor of the Laundromat? That would make Maggie's search good political journalism if so! Dr. Dr. Sloan offers to join her on her quest.

Up in New Hampshire, Stillman annoys everyone by telling them what's going on in the broadcast everyone is currently watching. Why do people even sit next to Stillman? This is their own fault. Anyway, Hallie is soooo smart because she knows that Perry won't beat Romney to get the nomination because eventually Perry will have to speak, and Texas governors who aren't so good at public speaking NEVER do well in elections.

Maggie calls Jim to tell him about the YouTube video. Jim can't hear her. "I can't really shout right now," Maggie says, finally having learned her lesson about shouting things. Jim goes to a quieter spot. Hallie watches him. Maggie tells Jim about the YouTube video. He asks if Lisa saw it. Maggie says no, although how would she know? She didn't even know that Don saw it or that it existed 24 hours ago. It's a safe bet that Maggie's evil cousin sent the link to Lisa, too, is it not? Jim sounds upset when Maggie tells him that Don saw the video and that they are over. I'm not sure why. Oh: "he's a really good guy and I screwed him," Jim says. "I screwed him," Maggie says. "You were on a bus." True. And then she hangs up on him.

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