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Dr. Dr. Sloan and Maggie head for darkest Astoria, looking through a Laundromat to find the YouTuber. Everyone looks middle-aged, normal, or male, ruling them out immediately. But then! They happen upon a lonely, pale woman staring at her iphone and they pounce.

Her name is Erica. She's kind of freaked out to be approached by two women holding many bags who know her name. Also, she recognizes Maggie. "You don't have to be scared!" Maggie says. This scares Erica even more. "I'm feeling a little ambushed," she says. Hmm … yes. Maggie could have tried sending her an email or something first. Instead she says every thing possible to seem like a crazy stalker. And then asks Erica to take the YouTube video down.

Instead, Erica wants to know what happened between Maggie and her best friend. Maggie claims they made up. Erica wonders how that could happen when Maggie likes her boyfriend. Are Jim and Lisa even still together? "It's like I'm in this now," Erica says. I'm surprised she isn't wearing her pajamas and/or a muumuu. Maybe those are all in the wash? Dr. Dr. Sloan finally tires of these humans and their speech and asks Erica "how far up [Maggie's] ass do you need to crawl?" And now Erica is Offended. Also, she has a Sex and the City blog and writes Sex and the City fanfiction even though that show is not on anymore and hasn't been for years.

Erica doesn't want to take the video down because it's gotten over 1,000 views (99 percent of which are most likely Maggie's cousin, but whatever) and that's getting her precious blog a lot of traffic. Dr. Dr. Sloan asks Erica how many Twitter followers she has. "Over 300," Erica boasts. Dr. Dr. Sloan's all "I have 450 … thousand." She offers to RT something Erica tweets if she takes the video down. Except that she wants Erica to say something about investing and Erica just wants to know what Dr. Dr. Sloan is famous for.

For some reason, Dr. Dr. Sloan likes Maggie enough to let Erica type a message from Dr. Dr. Sloan's Twitter account: "Check out this blog. Best SatC fan fic ever! Like a real-life Carrie Bradshaw." "Can I say Charlotte?!!?" Erica asks. "You know what? You can NOT say Charlotte," Dr. Dr. Sloan snaps. "You can say Charlotte," Maggie says. Wow, Maggie, pushing it much? Dr. Dr. Sloan just tanked her entire Twitter account's credibility right there and that's still not good enough for you?

The next day, Jim asks Cameron for 30 minutes with Romney. Cameron says no. And Jim does a Romney campaign coverage montage.

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