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Dantana looks for a military vet.

And Gary Cooper and Maggie focus on the Nuba Mountains as a place in Africa they can go to do the news.

Jim is getting sick of the Romney campaign and all the speeches about how Romney will fix the stalled economy. He asks Cameron if he can have thirty minutes with him. He cannot.

And Will makes productive use of his time by Googling "Will McAvoy Hate." He gets a ton of results. I tried it and got over 600,000. I also tried "Aaron Sorkin hate" and got over 800,000. "Sara Morrison Hate" got … um … almost 50 million. To be fair, most of them looked like tweets from my own account. And, at some point in the very near future, this very recap.

Oh, and the page that comes up doesn't even exist. I thought about buying it. But I didn't. Because I just don't care. And neither should Will. Hate makes us stronger. Will even has his own hate page! One recent post calls the show "SNOOZE NIGHT" which I am totally stealing. I'm jealous of Will's hate page. The best I could do was a hate Livejournal group which was AWESOME but only had seven members. I thought about joining it. But I didn't. Because I just didn't care enough to create a livejournal account. Anyway, while I thrive off of other people's hate, it makes Aaron Sorkin – er, I mean, "Will" – very sad.

Dantana is still looking for the vet.

Maggie pitches the Nuba Mountains genocide to MacKenzie, who is sitting in her bed watching two news stations and a laptop. MacKenzie doesn't see think American audiences will care about people in the Nuba Mountains. Oh. I thought NewsNight was about what we should know; not what we want to know.

Will is obsessed with his hate sites. He even skims them while he's in the writer's room. I mean "on the air." We're talking about Will here, of course. Not Aaron Sorkin. I'm sure Sorkin doesn't obsessively visit websites that criticize him. But if he's reading this recap right now, I'd like to suggest that he get this show off of HBO. It doesn't belong there. Go to basic cable. There's nothing on this show that can't be shown on basic cable and expectations will be lower. AHAHAHAHA! Someone made a site called "I fucking hate Will McAdouche." That's definitely someone you should be taking to heart, Will.

Jim gets a call from Maggie. For some reason, he answers it. Maggie wants his help pitching her story to MacKenzie. This might sound crazy, but MacKenzie wants Maggie's pitch to be "more specific" before she spends a lot of ACN money sending Maggie and Co. to "Africa." "Give me advice," she demands. But Jim doesn't have much to say to her. "I just want things to be back to normal," she says. "I'm normal," Jim says. "You're lost," says Maggie, like, not your place to say that, but, whatever. "Look who's talking," Jim snaps. End of conversation. Hallie, of course, listened to the whole thing and asks what's going on. "I didn't like normal," Jim says. Then: "she's someone in my newsroom." Nice titular line, Jim! "I didn't ask," says Hallie, who totally did ask.

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