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Maggie is desperate. She asks Dantana "Can you think of anything about Africa that's relevant to Americans?" Um. What. No. I mean, I know international news is generally a hard sell to American audiences, but come on. It's an entire CONTINENT and you can't think of one thing that American audiences might want to know about it? Stupid. Dantana says something about drones or whatever, I don't know.

Don puts articles about Troy Davis on his wall of Davis obsession that we are only now seeing for the first time because only in this episode does he have any connection to the case. He takes the photo of Maggie down.

Will watches Elliot and Dr. Dr. Sloan read the 9/11 broadcast he wrote for them. So, that's that.

Suddenly, it's September 19. In the morning rundown meeting, a plate full of delicious pastries sits uneaten. Instead, MacKenzie turns to Neal and asks him how that little Occupy Wall Street thing turned out. He thought there would be 20,000 protestors; there were only 300 people. MacKenzie has finally learned how to use email, so she pulls up the Occupy Wall Street email blast and shows it to the newsroom. It's a video from Anonymous, they're all wearing Guy Fawkes masks, and it looks ridiculous. Everyone laughs at Neal. He is humiliated. Thanks, boss! Great morale booster!

And then Charlie and Elliot walk in with news of their own: Charlie went to some conference and learned about Twitter. He wants a Twitter feed to scroll at the bottom of the screen on Elliot's broadcast. Normally I think Sorkin is lame for making fun of the internets but he's kind of right here. Twitter can be a useful tool, especially in journalism, but it is also ridiculous. And people who preach about its benefits while ignoring the fact that only 16 percent of American adults bother to use it are also ridiculous. And usually paid a lot of money by people like Charlie. What I don't understand is why Elliot thinks it'll be too distracting to have a scroll of words on the bottom of his newscast. Don't all cable news channels have a scroll of headlines? It'll be just like that, except stupider.

Don takes a phone call while Charlie attempts to convince the newsroom that Twitter is great. He's not having much luck. Shouldn't these people all be using Twitter, though? Surely by 2011 it had become fairly essential. Don runs back into the room and says an "off the record source" told him that there was outside lobbying of the Georgia parole board that was to decide Troy Davis's fate. For some reason, they lobbied the parole board to deny Davis's bid for clemency. What kind of lobby is that? Evil! Charlie says it's illegal for professional lobbyists to do that. Don wants to go on the air with it ASAP but Charlie points out that one off the record source isn't good enough. Don doesn't care! He is Emotionally Invested in this story and therefore a Loose Cannon! He threatens to call the parole board member who the lobbyists convinced to deny Davis's clemency and tell him that he'll tell the world who killed Davis if Davis is executed. His name, address, and a photo of his house.

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