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Don calls Jim for advice. Jim says he has to wait for the Supreme Court's decision on Davis's case. Also, Jim would like to talk to him about that YouTube video, but it's not really a good time for Don. In fact, it's kind of the worst possible time. I'm not sure why Jim doesn't get that. He gets off the phone, only to find Hallie sitting nearby once again. And she listened to his phone conversation while pretending she was listening to her headphones. Wow. So slick. She wants information on Troy Davis. Jim doesn't give it to her. Some reporters try to be charming and friendly to get information out of people. Hallie is going with "anti-social and creepy," which is an interesting approach, I guess.

Will finds Don pouting in his office. He and Don rehash the specifics of the case and how unfair it was to Davis. I think it's also unfair to Davis to use him as a plot point in a stupid TV show, but that's just me! Don is certain Davis is innocent. "I'm not allowed to get involved in advocacy and neither are you," Will reminds him. He pointedly says he's sure Don's threat to expose the parole board guy was a joke and leaves. Don picks up his phone and starts to dial but then decides he doesn't want to get fired and hangs up. Not getting fired > Troy Davis's life. There are limits, you know.

Maggie returns home. Lisa's waiting for her and offers to give her a hug. Maggie accepts, and then everything becomes awesome. Lisa is the best. I'm so glad she's back. "You're so full of shit, Maggie," she whispers into Maggie's ear. Maggie is confused. Lisa shows her this YouTube video she found. Man, that is one of the lamest things I've ever seen go viral.

While Lisa pours herself a glass of wine (probably not her first of the night) Maggie stammers that she had the video taken down and even went all the way to a Laundromat in Queens to protect Lisa from this. Lisa says she knows, as she read it on Erica's blog. Turns out that bringing Dr. Dr. Sloan was Maggie's undoing, as Erica thought she was mean to her and wrote all about it and kept the video up.

Lisa coldly says that she couldn't help but notice that the first thing Maggie said to her was that she put a lot of effort into getting the video removed, rather than an apology or any sign that Maggie felt bad for anyone but Maggie. "Don't misunderstand. I was moved that by the fact that your first instinct was to impress upon me how hard you tried to lie. But Maggie just can't get the breaks. A minute ago, I was kinda furious, but now that I know you went all the way to Queens to lie to me, well, I just can't stay mad at you," Lisa says. Maggie's all "please let me speak." No, Maggie. You spoke plenty.

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