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In fact, Maggie's speaking right now, on the video, screaming about how things "get really bad" when you fall for your best friend's boyfriend. Lisa asks Maggie who she meant things get bad for. Lisa's pretty sure Maggie means things get bad for Maggie. "Fuck Don. Fuck Lisa." She asks what happened after Jim ran after Maggie. Maggie says that doesn't matter. Lisa says it kind of does.

Maggie admits, very reluctantly, that she and Jim kissed. Lisa reminds her of all those times when she confided in Maggie about how Jim sounded weird on the phone and Maggie told her she was imagining it. Wow, Maggie, really? You are awful. Now Maggie admits that she was wrong. Now that she's been caught. Lisa's final question is why Maggie set her up with Jim in the first place? "I didn't. Don did," Maggie says. "And in fairness, I told you about my feelings – " Lisa interrupts to remind Maggie about how she "turned into eHarmony" and told her to keep getting back with Jim and pursue the relationship for over a year and also wouldn't let her date people of her own gender. Oh, sorry. That last one was the actual eHarmony.

"You didn't want him to pick you. You wanted him to pick you instead of me," Lisa says. Maggie asks how Lisa could possibly think that, based on the overwhelming evidence that suggests that that's pretty much what happened. "One of us is going to say something we can't walk back," Maggie warns. "I think it's gonna be me! What do you think?" Lisa says. Why can't this show just leave the newsroom and ACN entirely and just be about Lisa and her job at the boutique?

Maggie, still not getting it, says she did "one thing wrong." And that thing was not being upfront with Lisa about her feelings for Jim. Really? That's the one thing? Not the lying or the kissing of the boyfriend? That? Lisa says Maggie wanted her to date Jim so that he'd be available when Maggie needed him, because Maggie had no confidence that Lisa would be the kind of person Jim would want to have a meaningful relationship with. Ouch.

But Maggie still doesn't think she did much of anything wrong here, saying she never thought Lisa wasn't good girlfriend material but that Lisa does tend to date the wrong guys. "I'm used to being humiliated by guys," Lisa agrees. "I'm not used to being humiliated by my best friend." She won't have to worry about that anymore – Lisa announces that they are no longer friends. Lisa is the landlord and Maggie is her tenant. With that, she emails the YouTube link to Jim to end their relationship that I thought was over months ago anyway.

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