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Maggie's Bogus Journey
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Marcia Gay Harden is back! And she's providing context: she's there to represent AWM in a wrongful termination lawsuit. I think we can all guess who was terminated. Jerry Dantana, after he screwed up Operation Genoa.

Hey, you know what would have been kind of cool? If the show had used one of its regular cast members instead of having a guy we've never heard of be the bad guy. It's as if everyone in the opening credits is a saint incapable of journalistic errors. Please. Also, Dantana appears to be the only person terminated out of this whole thing. I'm dying to find out how MacKenzie and Will escaped punishment.

Marcia Gay Harden is interviewing Maggie, unfortunately. Also, this is future past Maggie, which means she has short red hair. She insists that "the general" did not say "it happened." Marcia Gay Harden knows what she's dealing with here, so she asks Maggie a very difficult question that she's sure Maggie will have to think hard about before she answers: what is her name? Marcia Gay Harden has Maggie all figured out, I think.

Also, it turns out that Maggie lives on East 75th Street. No wonder she can't afford rent! Just live in Washington Heights or Harlem, Maggie. It's much cheaper and you won't have to live with someone who hates you, probably. Marcia Gay Harden asks Maggie about real estate and mentions some expensive place on the market that she thinks will go for as low as $14.5 million. "I looked at the same place but I needed a bigger ballroom," Maggie deadpans. Hmm. Could it be that I LIKE New Maggie?

Marcia Gay Harden cuts right back to business, asking Maggie if she did, in fact, interview a general with Dantana on March 22. Then Marcia Gay Harden goes off on Dutch people and how she doesn't like them. "I'm Dutch," Maggie says. "Well then fuck you!" says Marcia Gay Harden. None of this makes much sense but I love it. Marcia explains that she's trying to see if Maggie "laughs anymore." Yeah.

Maybe the best time to test that isn't sitting across the table from someone with your team of high-priced lawyers and saying "fuck you." But Marcia insists that she makes her underling lawyers laugh all the time, so she must be funny. She says Maggie can look her up to see how funny she is. Maggie says she did, in fact, do just that and saw that Marcia handles first amendment cases, not wrongful terminations.

Maggie says she wants to, once and for all, "abeautiate" the idea that she's messed up. She proves that by making up the word "abeautiate." "I am funny, too," Maggie says. Oh, it's a funny-off! Dr. Dr. Sloan wins. Maggie insists that she's not messed up because she saw "a dead guy" and she doesn't appreciate that her state of mind is being called into question. Marcia agrees, but says they'll have to talk about "Africa" now. Well, good. We can finally find out what happened to make Maggie so not messed up.

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