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News Fight

At Jim's insistence, Don orders someone named Tess to stay on the oilrig story to shut him up. It doesn't.

MacKenzie earnestly (because she does everything as earnestly as Maggie does them stupidly) apologizes to Will and blames herself for whatever happened between them. He claims he doesn't care.

Tess is telling the room about the latest oilrig news and possible casualties. Don still doesn't think it merits their attention, but Jim insists that this is beyond a yellow alert story and that Will needs to know about it. Don gently reminds Jim that he doesn't work there yet, but Jim keeps going, trying to rally Don's staff. They start looking into the story, reporting that at least seven people were critically injured in the explosion and 11 are still missing. "They may have bigger problems than the missing crew," Neal mutters. Jim asks for clarification, but Don starts talking over Neal. Jim shushes Don and tells Neal to continue. Neal tells us what we already know now: the rig was drilling 18,000 feet below sea level, and the explosion could cause a massive oil spill.

Don pulls Jim aside and says that for the next two weeks, this is Don's newsroom and Jim is annoying him. "Got it," Jim says. Except that he doesn't. He gets a call on his cell phone.

Will is telling MacKenzie that when he fires her and hires a new EP, that EP will pick his staff and hopefully keep MacKenzie's people on. "They'll get a fair chance," he says, then tries to kick her out of his office. MacKenzie turns to leave and makes it all the way to the door before turning around for maximum effect for her dramatic speech about the importance of a "well-informed electorate" to democracy and "vigorous debate," and that's why she loves producing the NEWS. Also, Will is "spinning out of control." Who actually says that, by the way? I've known people who were spinning out of control and I never said that to them, because it's ridiculous and cliché and I expect better than that from someone who is supposed to be such an amazing writer. Will denies any spinning or control-losing, but MacKenzie says all he cares about is ratings and doing whatever "news" stories will get him the most viewers. Will reminds MacKenzie that things like ratings are important in advertiser-supported television. Apparently it's not quite so important on HBO, which sometimes cares more about the names in front and behind the camera than the work those names produce so we get shows like this (although, yes, the premiere did get good ratings. I just don't think those numbers will hold because this show is kind of unwatchable). "I'd rather do a good show for a hundred people than a bad one for a million," MacKenzie says. I hope those hundred people are enough to sustain those democratic vigorous debates MacKenzie loves!

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