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News Fight

Jim runs up to Don with more information on the oil spill. "You're being disruptive right now," Don says. Jim threatens to go to CBS with this huge story. "Get the fuck out," Don says. Jim heads into Will's office instead.

Don follows him in. Will, predictably, is not happy to see either of them, but agrees to listen to Jim because Don doesn't want him to. "Blow me," Don says. Will lectures him on using bad language in front of women. Blow me, Will. Jim says he needs help from one of Will's staffers, though he doesn't know Neal's name. "The Indian stereotype of an IT guy?" Will guesses; "PUNJAB!" he screams into the bullpen. Oh, hi, sexist and now racist asshole who is somehow supposed to be a likeable lead.

Neal describes the oil spill to Will as "the pin" being "yanked out of the planet," but admits he knows this stuff because he "made a volcano in primary school." Also, his official job is not the IT guy, but Will's blogger. Will didn't even know he had a blog. Jim says he also has a source at Halliburton, which is when Charlie staggers in. Don says this isn't a story because it's still yellow. Charlie says it's actually orange now. Jim says Halliburton was supposed to seal the well, but they were using a faulty cement mix to do so that is believed to be the reason why the rig exploded. Not only that, but Halliburton knew the mix would fail and tried to use it anyway. Will's not buying any of this until he knows who, exactly, Jim's sources are, since he doesn't even really know Jim's name (though, with "Jack," he gets closer to it than he did with Maggie or Neal's). Jim assures him that his sources are "solid" and "you guys have to follow up on this." "It's gonna be the biggest environmental disaster in history," Neal says. It's going to take months before the oil spill can be stopped. "I think you may be overreacting," Don says. "You are dramatically underreacting," Jim says. "I'm the only one who's not dramatically doing anything!" Don says, now solidly my favorite character on this show.

Will, Charlie, Jim, Don, and MacKenzie (called in by Jim "as a witness" in seriously obnoxious way) head into Will's office so Jim can tell them who his special sources are. And here's where we learn how these awesome, best-ever newspeople get their big scoops: through hard work, persistence, skill, and - oh, no, wait, I'm sorry. It's none of those things. Jim's BP source is his college roommate and the Halliburton source is his sister. Which means I'm totally screwed in the journalism world because I didn't have a roommate in college and my only sibling is studying landscape architecture, so I will never have the right connections to break a story.

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