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Will thinks Jim must be pretty amazing to get "not one, but two people to roll over on their employers within five minutes." Jim says he was "just lucky." Pretty much. But somehow, we're supposed to think this is how news is broken and Jim must be an amazing journalist. Don speaks up to say this is obviously just a simple search and rescue that will yield no rescues and Will is letting some random guy and "a woman I don't know what the hell" convince him that it's the biggest story of the decade. Meanwhile, if they're wrong about this, Will's career will be over and the network will get sued. Which none of us care about since we all know now that Jim and his sources aren't wrong. Will decides to go with Jim and MacKenzie. He tells Don to ditch the stories they were going to do for tonight and go with the oilrig, much to Charlie, Jim, and MacKenzie's delight.

Don storms out and tells the rest of the staff to get on BP, but then Will interrupts him to make his own announcement to his staff, asking those who will be leaving for Elliot's show in two weeks to raise their hands. That would be almost everyone, and Will tells them to leave and enjoy two weeks' paid vacation. They do except for Don, who can't believe Will is about to devote his hour-long program to an environmental story before the oil hits the pelicans and produces good video.

Will thinks the oil rig wouldn't have blown up if the government overseers were doing their jobs, and he's willing to go on the air with that because he is ready to Inform the People now. He asks MacKenzie to start two weeks early, she happily accepts, and then MacKenzie is telling the booker to start lining up interviews. And they do, running through the set with phones to their ears and looking important and purposeful except for Maggie, who can't even manage to walk and talk on the phone at the same time. Nevertheless, Jim assigns her to look into the MMA, which is not a mixed martial arts thing but a government agency that has something to do with minerals and offshore drilling. Don volunteers to take that over from her because he has no faith in Maggie's abilities. "I'd like to get this one thing right," Maggie says. At least she seems to have a good idea of her own abilities, or lack thereof.

MacKenzie asks Don who the show's "go-to geologist" is. "There's not a lot of breaking news in geology," Don says. He'd better hope they get a geologist before next season, when that big tsunami is scheduled to hit Japan!

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