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News Fight

As Will goes to commercial, Charlie slides in to enjoy the process of the news. He tells a "young lady" to get on her Twitter account and tell the world that this entire show is being done on the fly with a brand-new EP and no script. Yeah, you definitely want to brag about that hot mess. "I can only use 140 characters," the woman says. Isn't she a reporter and shouldn't the twittering be Neal's job?

Will tries to get the facts about faulty cement from the Halliburton spokesperson, who does not appreciate Will's hostile attitude and aggressive fact-seeking ways. "All of our thoughts and prayers are with the missing crewmembers," Spokesperson says. Will says everyone's are - "no one's thoughts and prayers are with the fire." Thanks for that sassy quip, think of the missing crewmembers' family members.

Jim and Maggie finally arrive in the control room, which is somehow a 10-minute jog away from the bullpen. Maggie says the MMA is actually the MMS - Minerals Management Service - and that they have way too few inspectors for the number of wells out there, so the required monthly inspections at the oilrig weren't happening as often as they were supposed to, and when they were, it was by people who didn't have the necessary experience. And the last guy to inspect the oilrig is on the phone and ready to go on the air with Will because he's an idiot who will probably lose his job. "Maggie, I am taking you shopping!" MacKenzie cries. Yeah. What can I even say about that? It's sexist and it's stupid but maybe I'm just mad because no one I worked for ever offered to take me shopping when I did a really good job. Also, I'm a woman so I'm probably on my period and incapable of thinking rationally anyway. But I would like to know how MacKenzie can take Maggie shopping when she maxed out all those credit cards on her own shopping trips. Lady Problems!

Will returns to the show with Eric Neal, MMS inspector whose voice sounds a lot like Jesse Eisenberg's, on the phone. Will quickly gets Eric Neal to admit that there aren't enough inspectors for the number of wells, that he was the one who inspected the oilrig 20 days ago, and that he'd never inspected an oilrig before. Will gets off the phone with him and reads a statement from BP that doesn't say much of anything. Will signs off, and the newsroom erupts in applause. Yay, we're awesome! And the news alert finally turns red.

Charlie walks in with post-show celebration drinks. "We got it right," Charlie says. Will points out that they got the spill right. They could still be wrong about everything else. Charlie doesn't care about that because it's drinking time and people on the internet are stupid. But Charlie is ready to send them all 140 character-plus tweets when it suits him.

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