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News Fight

Will asks Charlie if this was all his doing - giving Elliot that show knowing that Don would go with him and sending Will on vacation so he could hire MacKenzie to replace him. Charlie says he just wants the news to be the news again. Will says MacKenzie is a liability. Charlie thinks he's Don Quixote, Will is Sancho, MacKenzie is Dulcinea, and the rest of the staff are Quixote's horse. "Donkey," Will corrects him. Except not really, since, if we're going to mention Don Quixote over and over again, I'm going to point out that Quixote rode a horse. Sancho rode the donkey. So far, no one on this show seems to actually know his Cervantes.

Charlie does know his anchorman history, saying that even Murrow and Cronkite had opinions when they thought it really mattered - Murrow brought down McCarthy and Cronkite ended the Vietnam War. "I'm not those guys," Will says. Charlie thinks he is. He says he's "just decided to" do the news "well" again like they did "in the old days." "I fucking loved what you said at Northwestern," Charlie slurs; "and that's why I brought her here."

Jim gets ready to leave for the day, and stops by Maggie's desk on the way out to tell her she did, in fact, manage to do something right today. He does not offer to take her shopping though, so whatever. Maggie gives Jim all the credit, saying he was "like Batman." "I just answered my phone," Jim shrugs. I am not impressed with Jim's news skills so far. Maybe next week. Oh, god. There's going to be a next week.

Don walks up, and Jim shakes his hand and offers to buy him a drink. Men buy each other drinks; women take each other shopping. Don says he'll take him up on that when he hasn't just spent the day being shown up. Then he tells Maggie he'll go down to the lobby with her where her parents are waiting to meet them and apologize for not being able to do dinner with them. "It's a compromise," he says.

Before Maggie can answer, Will walks up and tells her what her name is because he finally knows it. This totally redeems him for not knowing it before. No, it doesn't. Will is still an asshole. Don is not, so he congratulates Will on a "good show" and admits that he was wrong and MacKenzie was right. Meanwhile, that one TV screen in the background has been running McCain speechifying all day now. Did Sorkin write McCain's speech so it's ten hours long or is someone on Will's staff a huge McCain fan who runs that thing on loop?

Don leaves with Maggie, and MacKenzie makes a variety of hand signals at Jim that he stares at for a few minutes before informing her that he has no idea what she's trying to say to him. MacKenzie clears it right up: "Just ... you're fine."

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