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News Fight

Will leaves for the day. MacKenzie wants to talk to him. He doesn't want to talk to her. Instead, he's going to march into the control room and thank his team for doing such a great job for him and tell them how important they are to him. Except that he's in the wrong control room because he doesn't actually care about his staff.

MacKenzie corners Will at the elevator and reminisces about the first time he met her parents and how "perfect" he was with them. Isn't he the same age as MacKenzie's father? She doesn't think Will remembers it, but he does, including who won the baseball game he took her father to (taking an English guy to a baseball game is not, generally, the way to impress said English guy) and how MacKenzie's father said he disapproved of Will's Republican leanings but MacKenzie loves him, so they could get drunk together.

MacKenzie gets all teary-eyed because that's what women do on this show, and Will asks if she's as "physically and mentally exhausted" as Charlie said she was. "I've been exhausted since I was 30," MacKenzie says. So ... this year, then? MacKenzie says she just wanted to "come back and be in a newsroom" and the elevator finally arrives. "This one's yours for a week," Will says. Ten weeks, unless HBO gives this boring talky mess another season.

Will holds up the elevator to tell MacKenzie that he didn't suffer a vertigo-medicine-related breakdown at Northwestern: he thought he saw MacKenzie in the audience and got flustered. "I thought I saw you, but it turned out to be someone else," he says, and the door closes. Good. I hope it takes this simpering, too-serious background music with it.

But no, it just swells as MacKenzie flips through her notepad until she gets to "IT'S NOT" and "BUT IT CAN BE." Yes, she really was in the audience that night and those cue cards were hers. Which means she carries this notepad around with her all the time and also that she managed to find someone in the audience who looked a lot like her and was wearing the same clothes, and then jumped in front of her a few times and flashed a notepad at Will before quickly ducking down so he couldn't see her. Which means a few rows of that audience now must know her as "the crazy lady with the notepad who kept jumping up and down." Such a great newswoman! She considers chasing Will down to tell him the truth, then decides things are better if he thinks he just hallucinated the whole thing. She pencil skirts back to work.

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