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Charlie lets us in on what a great hire MacKenzie is: she just got back to the US from running around the Middle East reporting from the front lines. She wants to be an EP again, only to be rejected by CNN and ABC. Also, she's apparently "exhausted" both mentally and physically and that's a good reason to hire someone somehow. "She's been to way too many funerals for a girl her age," Charlie head-wobbles. And this show just made war reporting seem boring, somehow. "She's the best EP in the business!" Charlie continues. He can't believe no one would want to hire her. Maybe they all think of her as a "girl" like he does? Or don't want to hire tired people?

Will agrees with how talented MacKenzie is, but that's not going to make him want to hire her. Charlie says that doesn't really matter at this point; she's signing a three-year deal tomorrow. Will thinks his contract states that he has to approve any EP, but Charlie happily tells him that it doesn't. Will leaves to try to re-negotiate that contract. He might want to fire his agents who didn't put the clause in there in the first place while he's at it. Charlie asks Will when the last time he saw MacKenzie was. Will says about three years ago. Charlie goes on another one of his rage outbursts and screams "THAT'S THE LAST TIME YOU WERE A NICE GUY!" before pleasantly asking the waitress to bring him another alcohol.

It turns out we've seen MacKenzie before, too: it's Emily Mortimer! She walks into the office and finds it mostly empty, so she just places her bags on the floor by the entrance for someone else to take care of and asks Maggie where she can find Will. Don walks in and says hello to MacKenzie, explaining to Maggie that MacKenzie "gave" him his first summer internship. Don can't believe MacKenzie has already been hired to replace him while Maggie, who unsurprisingly sucks at being an assistant like she sucks at everything else, says that Will is at his agent's office right now. "I'm sorry. I gave too much information," Maggie says sadly, staring at the floor. Yes, MacKenzie and Don both immediately figure out that Will just learned about MacKenzie's hiring and is with his agent trying to find out how that happened and what he can do to stop it. MacKenzie seems a little thrown by this but maybe she's just tired. She sits down at one of the 167 empty desks to wait for Will to return. Don asks Maggie if she's still sure she wants to stick with Will and walks off.

That means it's time for Girl Talk! Maggie starts off by calling MacKenzie "ma'am." "How old do I look?" MacKenzie asks. That's a good question, since the actress is in her early 40's but the character is somehow supposed to be 30, as we'll learn later. MacKenzie doesn't have much to say about the 26 months she spent embedded with the Marines, instead talking about how she bought lots and lots of cute clothes when she got back - three credit cards worth!

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