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The conversation is interrupted by Maggie's loud cell phone ring that she didn't turn off even though she's at work because, again, Maggie sucks at everything. "Hi, Dad!" she says. Is Maggie 12 years old? Does she not want people in her office to respect her? Because taking personal calls at work from anyone, but especially Daddy, is a great way to do that. Call him on your lunch break. Maggie informs her father that it'll just be him, her mother and Maggie for dinner tonight because Don "can't make it." Who plans to have her boyfriend meet her parents for the first time without consulting the boyfriend first? Stupid Maggie does! Maggie lies that Don has to work late and feels "terrible" about missing dinner. Her eyes well with tears as she tries to defend Don to her father, who clearly knows Don is avoiding him.

Maggie gets off the phone and sniffles. Oh my god. No. Do not cry at work. If you must (and have a better reason to do so than Maggie does), try to do it in the bathroom. Don't do it at your desk where everyone can see you. You are making the rest of us women look bad. At least Maggie tries to cover it up when MacKenzie nosily asks, claiming it's "an allergy." MacKenzie pays no attention to this, instead saying she hates lying to her father, too. Lying to authoritative men is definitely a reason to cry. Maggie stutters out denials, but MacKenzie can tell that Maggie and Don are in a relationship and Don thinks they're too early in it to meet her parents. She got all of this from a photo of Maggie with her arms around Don on Maggie's desk. "I'm not reporting you to HR," MacKenzie assures her. Maggie might want to report MacKenzie, though, because the next thing she says is "does he want you to do things in the bedroom you're uncomfortable with?" MacKenzie is disappointed when Maggie quickly says no. Yes, I definitely admire MacKenzie's superior powers of deduction and inability to separate appropriate and inappropriate topics of discussion in the workplace. Such a hero.

Maggie says that her dad knew she was lying because, again, Maggie can't do anything right, and now he's going to hate Don forever. "That's not what I wanted to happen," Maggie says. Well, next time you won't make plans for Don without asking him first. MacKenzie gives Maggie a few tissues and some advice: give Don a bit of the cold shoulder for the next few days, and he'll be more willing to do what Maggie wants next time around. Thanks for that, MacKenzie. Surely your own personal dating choices show off your wisdom in this arena. MacKenzie finally turns the discussion to work things, asking Maggie if she's leaving Will's show with Don. Maggie says she isn't because she's Will's loyal assistant. Not anymore! Now she's the associate producer Will doesn't give a shit about, thanks to MacKenzie, who promotes people despite knowing nothing about how good they might be at that particular job. "I'm crazy about loyalty," MacKenzie explains.

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