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News Fight

And then Jim Harper flies into the office - at one point, literally, as he trips over the bags MacKenzie thoughtlessly left in the middle of the floor. "Are you all right?" Maggie gasps, no doubt sympathetic to people who suck at walking even more than she does. "That's Louis Vuitton luggage," MacKenzie says, her daily sympathy allowance having been used up on Maggie. Jim grabs MacKenzie to talk to her in a more private area of the bullpen. They stand in the middle of the floor where everyone can see them and Jim whisper-shouts to MacKenzie that he just learned that Will didn't know MacKenzie was hired and doesn't like it. MacKenzie tries to shrug this off, but Jim says he and three other people quit their jobs to come to this show and work for MacKenzie. He already paid first and last month's rent in New York, and now MacKenzie can't tell him for sure if he has a job.

Jim says he's going to beg for his old job back, but MacKenzie physically holds him back, then asks him "when was the last time [he] was in love with a woman?" She already knows the answer, but makes Jim says it anyway: "never. That's never happened." MacKenzie says Jim always had "a little crush" on her, which he denies without looking her in the eyes. MacKenzie says that Jim can't have her, but he can have the next best thing: Maggie, who reminds MacKenzie of a younger version of herself after their five minute conversation about Daddy issues. Jim, of course, would rather focus on professional concerns, even though we're supposed to understand that he's worked with MacKenzie before and so he should be used to this. I am, and I've only known MacKenzie for ten minutes. Ten annoying minutes.

Jim asks MacKenzie why she's "afraid to see Will." That gets this ridiculous line in response, delivered awkwardly by Emily Mortimer who, for all her talents, just can't pull it off, especially with the English accent: "Hey, Jughead, I ain't afraid of nothing except jellyfish, which is completely normal. Now, look at the girl!" Jim asks MacKenzie what's in this for her, and it turns out quite a bit: MacKenzie thinks she needs Don on her staff, and if he feels threatened by Jim, he'll try to impress Maggie by staying. Which I think we can all assume MacKenzie is correct about since Don is in the opening credits. Jim tries to take a hard line with MacKenzie, refusing to work on the show if she doesn't tell him what's up with her and Will. "I can't," MacKenzie says. Jim gives in anyway. MacKenzie says they'll do the best news ever together on Will's show. "Where's the rest of the staff?" Jim asks. "They left!" MacKenzie says. She's so happy to possibly screw Jim over and ruin his career, isn't she?

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