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News Fight

And now, Will returns to the office to come face-to-face with MacKenzie. She tries to be cordial, but Will cuts her off and angrily orders her into his office. Maggie tries to be a good intern/assistant/associate producer by offering to get Will coffee, but he refuses. After an awkward silence in his office, MacKenzie says she tried to talk to Will in the three years since whatever went down between them, but he angrily says he didn't even read her emails. Then he lights a cigarette because Sorkin is pushing boundaries with his TV shows right here by having his characters smoke on the air. MacKenzie can't help but ask Will a personal question even though this is clearly not the right time or place or person for it, wondering if he was with Erin Andrews in St. Lucia. She takes the question back before he can refuse to answer it.

Will informs MacKenzie that the three-year contract she thought she had is no more. Instead, he will have the ability to fire her at the end of every week and plans to give her a few months of work before he does so to avoid raising eyebrows. Will was able to change MacKenzie's contract by taking a million-dollar annual paycut. That's how much he loves power and hates MacKenzie, I guess.

So while they're fighting in Will's office, Don and the rest of the pizza party return to do some actual work. Maggie introduces Don to Jim, and, since they've both worked under MacKenzie, they compare notes on how crazy she is and how much she loves America, if only to explain how MacKenzie has an English accent but is American. She was born in America to British parents, who lived in the US while her father was Margaret Thatcher's ambassador to the United Nations. So ... she was born in America while her father worked for Thatcher, who was Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, which makes MacKenzie 33 years old, at the most? Thirty-one, actually, once you realize that - spoiler alert! - this episode takes place two years ago. Yet Emily Mortimer is 40 years old. Would it have been so difficult to avoid this whole thing entirely by just having her do an American accent, which she's done very well in previous roles? She probably would be able to deliver some of those lines, too.

"She's like a sophomore poli-sci major at Sarah Lawrence," Don smirks. Jim says she totally is except for her prestigious awards and stab wounds in the line of duty, and the two guys are all set up to dislike each other for the rest of the season.

Back in Will's office, MacKenzie begs Will to spare the staff she brought over if not her. She says they've all spent money and time moving to New York for this. "THEY FUCKED UP, MACK! THEY TRUSTED YOU!" Will screams. This is audible in the bullpen. Jim facepalms, then looks up at the sound of a news alert on the computer. He tells Don, who glances at it and then dismisses it as being "yellow" and therefore not important. This doesn't sit well with Jim, who can't help but check it out for himself. It's an explosion off the coast of Louisiana, which Jim and Neal, who's been listening in on all of this, know must have come from an oilrig. "April 20, 2010" flashes on the screen, which we all know means the yellow alert was the first indication of what would become the BP oil spill. This is also when we realize that this show takes place two years IN THE PAST (mind-blowing!) and is apparently going to use real-life events for a fictional news show, which doesn't really make sense to me. At the very least, if you're going to insist on doing this, you'd better get them right. Since the explosion actually happened just before 11 pm, New York time, there's no way Will's staff could be discussing it in the afternoon, unless those news alerts are actually warnings from the future.

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