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Neal points out that MacKenzie's ruined shoes cost $1200, so, it's not like she's feeling any of the fallout from the bank failures the OWS is protesting. MacKenzie appreciates his spunk and offers an OWS member of his choosing five minutes on NewsNight, getting told off by Will McAvoy. Neal is thrilled. "You're in the batters box now, brother. You brought my shoes into it!" MacKenzie says. They've got to stop giving her these lines with "man" and "brother" in them, because Emily Mortimer is just not going to say them right. I think it's because she's English? Or just not very good in this role.

Dantana gets another translated tweet. It's not useful. He grows impatient.

And then Dr. Dr. Sloan is led through the newsroom by the hand by her executive producer. For those of you who forgot, Dr. Dr. Sloan has two Ph.Ds and is really good at being an anchor person when Will is fake sick. She's really earned her way out of being lead by the hand anywhere. As did we all when we reached the age of, like 10.

Zane brings Dr. Dr. Sloan into Don's office, where he is sitting on a clearly not fixed chair. It's very low to the ground. For comedy. Zane is angry at Don for telling Dr. Dr. Sloan that she was right to tell people not to buy that stock. That is not part of her job, he says. "We are not talking about drones!" he says, then demands an apology from Don. "You put shit in her head!" he says. Don explains that Dr. Dr. Sloan is kind of a genius and way smarter than both of them put together, so she can think for herself. With that, Don leans back in his chair and falls backwards. He stands up and tells Zane that he told Dr. Dr. Sloan to listen to her EP. Dr. Dr. Sloan says she decided not to listen to that part of his advice. Also, "Zane, I'm telling people where the fucking money comes from, and if you have a problem with that you should speak to the president of the news division, Charlie Skinner." Also, she will destroy his hand if he uses it to lead her through the newsroom again. Don sits back in his chair. And falls backwards. That was an enjoyable segment! Except for the leading Dr. Dr. Sloan through the newsroom part. Zane leaves, and Dr. Dr. Sloan says she's going to come clean to Will. Don offers to accompany her if she needs a witness.

Dr. Dr. Sloan finds Will hanging out with Charlie. She gets right to it, admitting that she was the leak. Will seems okay with what happened until Dr. Dr. Sloan admits that the guy she told about him was Nina's book agent. Then he starts getting upset. As does Don when Dr. Dr. Sloan admits that she went out to drinks with the book agent. He and Dr. Dr. Sloan will make a lovely couple.

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