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But Charlie realizes something: Nina thanked Will for telling the truth that Charlie bumped him off the broadcast, but there's no way Nina would have known that was the truth if she heard it from her agent, because Dr. Dr. Sloan didn't know that. Charlie decides that Reese must be the leak. What about MacKenzie? She said she was all chummy with Nina, right?

Will heads for his safe to retrieve the recorder while Dr. Dr. Sloan is greatly relieved to find out that she wasn't the leak after all – though not from lack of trying. Will goes for the drama as he opens the safe, but he forgot the combination so it's going to take a while. Dr. Dr. Sloan wonders what's happening at this point. Don says he'd tell her if she didn't date book agents. Will finally gets the recorder out of the safe, tosses it to Charlie, and they're off, feeling pretty darn proud of themselves, too.

They march right into Reese's office. Reese readily admits that he was, in fact, the source of the leak. Aw. I was hoping it was MacKenzie. Will asks why he did that. Reese says he didn't really appreciate being blackmailed by Will and Charlie, nor did he like that they blackmailed his mother. Also, they make fun of him too much and that's mean. And his ratings suck. Since Nina won't write the piece, Reese will just find someone else to give it to. Will is going to have to civilize a lot of people!

Charlie says they'll just reveal the tape, then. Reese claims he doesn't care, although I don't see how he couldn't since phone hacking is illegal and all. Charlie decides to remind him of what's on the tape, and presses play. Commence Will and Charlie's triumphant smirks. But … there's nothing on the recorder. These two idiots managed not to record the incriminating evidence and then not check after the fact to make sure they had it. You'd think they would've at least tried to make a few copies? "You're such a dumbass!" Charlie screams at Will. Reese takes the recorder and throws it in the trash, which is a waste of a perfectly good recorder. He says he's the president of AWM, so "you don't meet me halfway. You meet me the whole way." He's right, but it's kind of weird that he was apparently fine with letting Will and Charlie blackmail him for four months and has only now decided he's done with it. Why didn't he do this earlier?

Campaign bus. Taylor tries to make an announcement, but then Jim raises his hand. "Did you have any friends in school?" she sighs. Guys, I really like Taylor. She's fun. And reminds me of Daria. Tonight, Jim is asking questions about the Middle East and how Romney plans to solve all of its problems. Also some other stuff. And then he asks for 30 minutes with Romney, again. "A half hour!" he snaps. Taylor tells him to sit down. But no! Jim has decided it's time for a revolution, and he's sure his fellow campaign busriders will agree, even though they all very clearly hate him. "Sit down!" they groan. Jim urges Hallie to ask "the question" as Cameron starts to order him to sit down. Jim says if Hallie doesn't ask it, he will, and then she'll be a "lame fraud."

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