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But she doesn't ask it, and then he sits down. Suddenly, Hallie stands up and asks about an abortion questionnaire Romney filled out where he said that he respected women's rights to choose. "We're not talking about that today," Taylor says. "I'm talking about that today," says Hallie, continuing that Romney said in June that he wanted to reverse Roe v. Wade. What's up with that? She wonders.

And then Jim stands back up and asks his fellow reporters why they, too, aren't insisting on having their questions answered. "They want to stay on the bus," Taylor says. Jim says they should all get off the bus, rent cars, and cover the campaign the way he thinks campaigns should be covered. Um, yeah. Turns out that not every media outlet can afford to give its stringers car rentals. Which is pathetic, but true. Jim says they can all force Romney to answer their questions as long as they stick together. "They need us!" Jim says. "Who's with me?!" The answer is: Stillman. And that's it. Ha ha ha! Jim isn't inspiring after all!

Cut to Jim, Hallie, and Stillman being left on the side of the road in the middle of the night. The bus pulls away. That's pretty harsh, bus. Understandable, but harsh. Stillman proves his worth by pulling out a big bag full of stolen turkey sandwiches. "Nice," Hallie deadpans.

MacKenzie calls Maggie into her office to inform her that Africom wants to pull Maggie's clearance because the area has become dangerous. Maggie reacts to this ridiculously, of course, cutting MacKenzie off with "Oh God Oh Jesus" and then ranting about how horribly her life has gone for her recently and how much of a sport she's been through it all. MacKenzie finally gets a word in and says Maggie will get her clearance as long as she reports on a human interest story about how the troops are nice to orphans. Maggie's fine with that. She assures MacKenzie that she won't "make a fool" out of herself or ACN, except that she will. She already has. MacKenzie gives her a hundred dollar bill, saying it could get her out of trouble. Oh really? Like the trouble of not being able to find a single place that can break a hundred dollar bill? Or that takes American money? Although I guess it's supposed to be symbolic. MacKenzie says either Maggie will come back with the money or a story of where it went. I hope that's off-camera. But it won't be, huh?

With Maggie gone, MacKenzie decides to give Nina a call to thank her for dropping that story. A freshly-showered Nina says she owed her for hacking into her phone, so it's no problem. They are total besties now! And then MacKenzie asks Nina what was on that message Will left her. Nina stammers that Will said MacKenzie did a great job or something. It was definitely about work, though. Not anything personal.

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