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Why is Nina lying? Because she's at Will's apartment right now! She tells him that MacKenzie just called her and she feels kind of bad. "You don't have to look like you did something wrong," Will says. I actually kind of like him with Nina. Except for the part where she thought it was hot that he had no respect for her.

Charlie walks in and tells MacKenzie it might be time to cut Team Dantana free from its search for Genoa evidence. She agrees. "I gotta pull the plug," she tells Dantana. He insists that the story is true, then tells the team they can stop. Just in time, too. Martin's hair has been looking more and more crazy this episode. He needs a good night's sleep.

But then, just in the nick of time, a translation fax comes in! Someone tweeted about "Willie Pete," which is a nickname for white phosphorus. I'm not sure how Dantana doesn't already know that, but okay. Charlie explains it to him. Someone named "Hamni8" apparently live-tweeted Operation Genoa, describing it just like Sweeney said it happened. If it were me and my village was being invaded and filled with poison gas. That's cool and all, but since we know Operation Genoa didn't happen and Hamni8 is probably made up, then I just feel kind of … meh.

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