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On the New Hampshire tour bus. Cameron recites the email he sent the press pool the night before, and Jim calls him out. Then he asks how Romney intends to reduce the country's debt by changing the entitlement program. Cameron says that's all explained on Romney's website. Jim says there's nothing there about that.

"Every fucking day with this guy!" mutters one of Jim's fellow reporters. Undeterred, Jim demands that Cameron tell him Romney's plan. Cameron can only give him talking points, because Cameron isn't running for president. "Are you a cyborg?" Jim asks. "Are you a moron?" Hallie finally pipes up, never far away from Jim. "You think you're scoring wiseass points and he's plainly fucking with you," she says. "Learn how this works, cause you're driving the rest of us crazy." That stops Jim for about 15 seconds. Then: "You can't blame me for trying." "I am," Hallie says. I think I like her, but I can't be sure yet. It seems that women in Sorkinland are either cold, all-business, and awesome, or Maggie.

Cameron stupidly asks if there are any other questions. There's one! Jim asks if he can get 30 minutes with Romney. At this point, Cameron is going to give every single person on that bus 30 minutes with Romney EXCEPT Jim just to spite him. Stillman asks what's for lunch.

Dantana walks in on MacKenzie doing her daily newspaper read. Supposedly, she's a speed reader. Dantana wants a military expert to accompany him to meet with Eric Sweeney. MacKenzie's still not buying Operation Genoa. Chemical weapons are illegal, and the US military would never do something illegal. But MacKenzie decides to go with Dantana anyway.

Will enters MacKenzie's office, which is Dantana's cue to leave. He tells MacKenzie that the "ground zero mosque" opened a few days ago and no one cared. MacKenzie is SHOCKED. Little bit of overacting there. "Nobody – including us – covered it," Will says, "I found out by walking in there." Oh, so … Will went and did journalism, rather than try to speed read it into being? How quaint.

And then Will suddenly segues into Nina Howard and how she could have possibly found out that he was dumped from the 9/11 special. He's assuming someone on his staff leaked it. MacKenzie says that's not possible. Also, how come every time someone finishes his or her line the camera zooms in on him or her? Like, every time this episode. Too much. Back off, camera!

MacKenzie thinks Will's plan to meet with Nina is a terrible one. Will says he's going to ask Nina if she can be "a little bit human for a day" and not besmirch 9/11 by writing accurate stories about how an anchor was taken off its tenth anniversary show. MacKenzie admits that she once had a "nice conversation" with Nina, mainly because Nina "expressed remorse." "We had (camera zooms in) a connection," MacKenzie says. And then she tries to get Will to tell her what was on that message again.

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