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"You know what I think? (camera zooms out)," MacKenzie asks, "I think you got home after the Bin Laden broadcast and for a minute (camera zooms in) – just a minute – (camera zooms in some more) you forgot that you were mad at me." And then there's some more zooming into people's faces. Will tells MacKenzie that it's not about him being "mad at" her; what she did was the worst thing ever and he doesn't appreciate her trying to be "cute" by reducing it to that. "You're right," MacKenzie says, since of course he's right. It's totally understandable for Will to harbor all this resentment years and years after the fact and hold it over his co-worker's head like that. "I want. To know. Who leaked the story (camera zooms. Out)."

Uh oh! Cameron got himself a female assistant. Or maybe she's the boss and he's the assistant? Anyway, her name is Taylor and she's about to meet Jim. Guess what? She doesn't like him already because he's from ACN and she saw Will go off on every Republican candidate during last night's broadcast. She asks Jim what Will thought any or all of the candidates should have done. Jim says telling the booing audience members that they didn't want their votes would be nice. And if Romney had done so, Jim says, he would have won the election. If supporting gay soldiers would win the election, every single candidate ever would have already done that.

Taylor asks Jim how long he's been covering politics. "Almost two weeks," Jim says, as the extras roll their eyes. His actual question, supposedly, is why Romney hasn't mentioned his so-called proudest moment of bringing universal health care to Massachusetts during his campaign for the presidential nomination. "We're really gonna do this?" Hallie groans. Taylor says that Romney is thrilled with what he did in Massachusetts and that it's nothing like Obamacare, which he'll repeal ASAP. "What do you expect us to report tonight?" Jim smirks.

Cut to all the reporters reporting that Romney was pleased by the latest polls. Including Stillman, who is somehow an on-air personality even though he's greasy and unkempt. And also Jim.

MacKenzie and Dantana meet Eric Sweeney at a Random Diner. Sweeney tells them that some Marines were captured by the Taliban, who were going to sell them to Al Qaeda to behead for propaganda purposes. Sweeney's unit wore hazmat-esque suits and crossed into Pakistan without any ID or dogtags, which Sweeney thought was a little weird. And then he says a bunch of military terms that MacKenzie translates for Dantana. Once they got to the site for the "extraction," he says things went bad because the village where the POWs were held had a "shit-ton" of civilians in it. So the helicopters shot a bunch of white phosphorus at them.

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