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Sweeney says he figured the white phosphorus was the give them a smoke screen while they searched for the POWs. Suddenly, he noticed that there were a bunch of screaming burned women and children on the ground. Then they found the POWs, grabbed them, put them in the helicopter and left. Not sure how those POWs didn't also suffer from the sarin gas, but okay. Sweeney says he asked one of his guys what was in that white phosphorus and the guy told him it was sarin gas. MacKenzie hands Sweeney a pad of paper and a pen and tells him to write down as many names as he can remember.

Nina arrives for her breakfast/lunch/whatever with Will. It's in AWM's executive dining room but no one is there except for Will, a former New York City police detective working security, and a pianist. "Am I about to be murdered?" Nina wonders. Will says she looks "good." Yes, because she dressed up for the occasion, unlike Will who is wearing jeans. Will invites her to sit down and have a mimosa. "No pulp," Will asks the waiter. "I learned that on Facebook," Will smirks. How much Facebook stalking do you have to do to know that someone doesn't like pulpy mimosas? Creep.

Will escorts Nina to her chair and tells her that she can start a "revolution." He goes on about that for some time and then admits that he didn't have the flu during the 9/11 broadcast. "We," he says, thought those Taliban remarks made him a poor choice to lead the 9/11 broadcast, so Dr. Dr. Sloan and Elliot did it instead. Also, "we're on the record," he says. "Why are you being this way?" Nina asks. Will cues the piano to play "What the World Needs Now is Love" and says he's a "big believer in self-censorship." He wants Nina not to write the scoop about him and say she's had a "bellyful of this bullying bullshit," which, how is that "bullying?" She's writing about a thing that happened. It's interesting to the public because ACN lied to the American people it claims to love so much to protect one guy's ego. He says Nina doesn't need the $250 he's sure is all she'll make for this story. Nina says she'll get more than that. She's probably wrong.

Will admits that Charlie took him off the broadcast and then denounces her profession as "being mean girls and Heathers and whatever the male equivalent of that is." Is it … Will McAvoy? I think it is. Nina goes with Lord of the Flies and then agrees not to write the story. She says Will told her the truth that Charlie took him off the broadcast, and I guess the truth has set Will free from her hit piece. Will can't believe his stupid plan actually worked. He leaves, then comes right back and asks Nina out. Now that she is civilized, she's totally dateable! And even though Will has said some pretty nasty things to her in the past, Nina immediately says she'd love to date Will, but will not. She heard his message to MacKenzie.

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