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She adds: "I would love to go out with you. I wanted to go out with you New Year's Eve a year ago, the first time you told me that you have no respect for me and what I do." Yes. That's such a turn-on. Surprising, then, that the fact that she knows Will is in love with MacKenzie is the only thing keeping her from dating him. That suggests a modicum of self-respect I thought she didn't have.

Nina recites the message, which she has memorized, to Will, so now he definitely can't truthfully claim to MacKenzie that he doesn't know what he said. Will explains that – and now he's back off the record because I guess there are limits to his expectations for Nina's civility – he ate two pot-filled cookies. "That message was the real thing," Nina insists. And she knows that message better than anyone. After an awkward pause, Will sums up the meeting as having gone "really well" except for the part where he asked her out. "Welcome to the high ground and McAvoy's Team of Champions," he says. Yes, the high ground, where we wish death and hellfire upon people on national broadcasts.

Dantana and MacKenzie go to Charlie with their Operation Genoa findings. He's skeptical. Dantana thinks Eric Sweeney is totally legit. MacKenzie says his story sounded "a little rehearsed." Plus, she and Charlie know more about helicopters than Dantana does, and the village's location has pretty thin air, which is bad for helicopters. Charlie gives Dantana the go-ahead to keep looking into the story, then asks him to leave the office so he can talk shit about him with MacKenzie.

Charlie and MacKenzie insist that they don't believe the story is true, although MacKenzie is open to "taking it seriously" if Dantana can get more confirmation.

Dantana marches into the newsroom and commandeers a desk and several NewsNight employees. Stupidly, he drafts Maggie onto his taskforce. I guess he doesn't want to do a good job? Before he can say much more, MacKenzie walks in and tells Dantana to relegate his investigation to times when there's nothing else that needs doing.

On the way into the rundown meeting, MacKenzie checks in with Maggie, who just got all her Africa travel medicines, including Mefloquine, for malaria. MacKenzie warns that that has some pretty harsh side effects that Maggie didn't even bother to look up before going ahead and taking some. Really? Maggie didn't bother to do any research whatsoever on the drug she was going to put in her body? God knows what's in her panic attack pills. They're probably Mike N Ikes.

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