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MacKenzie leaves Maggie to look up Mefloquine's side effects. It took her all of 30 seconds, tops, to find them. No excuse why she couldn't have done that before. She's a little concerned. "Depression, confusion, hallucinations, severe vomiting, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts and extreme fear!" she lists. Also, itching. I don't understand how Maggie did this much research on Africa and didn't know about malaria pills. Those aren't just possible side effects; there's a pretty good chance you'll experience at least one of them while on the drug. It is no joke. Maggie is an idiot.

Gary Cooper is sitting pretty, since he took the malaria medicine that doesn't have severe side effects. MacKenzie recommends that Maggie just go back to her doctor and insist on the other drug, but it's too late! Yes, Maggie just took her first pill. "I can feel my mood changing. I can feel it. It's happening right now," she hypochondriacs. Martin tries to pitch a story, and she snaps at him to go to hell. MacKenzie informs her that it takes about a week for the side effects to kick in, so Maggie just yelled at Martin for no reason except that she's a nasty piece of work.

Will enters and what is THAT? On the table?! A pizza? Where are the delicious pastries?!!?! Also, Will wants to know who told the press that he wasn't actually sick for the 9/11 broadcast. Oh, and Neal wants his pitches about OWS marches to make it to air, but there's no time because Romney met Donald Trump. Will rants about the leak, and Maggie wonders how one even knows if one is delusional. MacKenzie gives up, which is how most of these rundown meetings seem to end.

Will chases after her to apologize for snapping at her earlier and holding all of her sins against her still. "I'm impressed it doesn't happen more," MacKenzie self-flagellates. And then they stare longingly and awkwardly at each other.

Jim watches ACN with his campaign bus buddies, who I'm surprised are willing to drink with him. Jim notes that there was no OWS coverage again, and he's sure Neal will be very upset about that. They take a shot except for Hallie, who tosses hers over her shoulder. Some other woman wants to know more about Jim's personal life so she can write about it in her blog. Who are these bloggers who are so interested in other people's lives? Aren't most of them only interested in themselves? Cameron has the misfortune of walking past, so Jim asks him for 30 minutes with Romney. Cameron says no.

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