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Don has gotten over his sadness about Troy Davis and is now trying to put tires on his wheely chair. Somehow, this has caused him to disassemble the entire thing. Dr. Dr. Sloan walks in and asks him for help with her executive producer. He wants her to recommend a stock, but she doesn't want to because the company makes drones and she has an ethical problem with that. So she went on the air and told viewers not to buy the stock, and now her EP, "Zane," is very angry with her. Don says her position is "commendable" but that she should listen to Zane. Dr. Dr. Sloan adds that she's pretty sure she's the reason why Nina found out about Will being pulled off the 9/11 broadcast.

Here's what happened: Dr. Dr. Sloan was invited to a wedding on 9/11 (really guys?), but the 9/11 coverage meant she couldn't go. So she had to tell the guy who invited her that she couldn't go after all and had to tell him why. Also, the guy is Nina's book agent. Don recommends that Dr. Dr. Sloan never ever tell Will about this. Also, he's clearly jealous that Dr. Dr. Sloan had a date with someone who wasn't him.

Jim is still asking campaign workers questions that they will never ever answer. On the bus, he lets Hallie know that he's been reading her work. Hallie finds this creepy, but Jim goes on, saying he thinks her stuff is good and asking her why she's mean to him. Hallie says she's not thrilled with the way Jim is "slumming it" and trying to "school" everyone else. Jim says some people "need to be schooled." Really? Because it's not like Jim has gotten anything great from the campaign so far. He's been filing the same reports as everyone else. Hallie says this is the third presidential campaign she's covered – four years ago, she followed McCain until he got the nomination and her job at the Denver Post replaced her with someone more experienced and less annoying.

So Hallie set up her own website "with an investor" (a.k.a. rich parents) so that wouldn't happen again and she'd be able to ask the tough questions. Jim points out that she hasn't asked any so far. "I'm starting to understand why Maggie was running so fast," Hallie says. Oh. Burn.

Team Dantana is going through the list of names Sweeney gave them and calling them. "We should be checking Twitter, too!" Maggie says. There was, after all, that tweet about Bin Laden. Maybe someone tweeted about the sarin gas attack, too. I hope not. People need to stop tweeting all the time. If you are close enough to a sarin gas attack to know that it's a sarin gas attack then you are too close to whip out a phone and tweet about it. Dantana doubts anyone in that remote village would even have cell service, let alone Twitter. Neal instantly knows that they do, in fact, have cell phone in that area. And they can use Topsy to try to find tweets from a certain date and area.

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