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Back on the campaign trail, Taylor tells the group about Romney's plan to get the American people working again. Jim points out that some study he read said that 12 million jobs will be created over the next four years no matter who is president. Okay, but what if the president is Paula Abdul? Do you think she will create jobs? Anyway, Taylor just tries to ignore Jim, who then asks her if someone is inside her operating her with controls. Wow, that's almost as funny as his cyborg comment to Cameron earlier. Sorkin is now ripping himself off in the exact same episode. I'm impressed. "Good one, Jim," Taylor eye-rolls. And then everyone does his news reports to his camera except Jim, who just stares at his camera disgustedly.

That night, Stillman is annoying again, demanding that Jim open up to him so that they may truly bond like what happens in most road movies. Instead, Jim shows Hallie something on his computer that makes her upset.

The ACN newsroom is abuzz with Operation Genoa research! The tweet translator insists on communicating via fax for maximum dramatic impact, but so far he's found nothing useful.

MacKenzie apparently has nothing to do, so she taunts Neal and his love of OWS by ordering him to fix the website without knowing what exactly the blog is doing wrong or how to fix it. This would be funnier if MacKenzie didn't act like that as a matter of course. Neal's not in the mood. He shows MacKenzie how Fox News covered the OWS march that ended in people being illegally pepper sprayed by the police, with Megyn Kelly wondering if pepper spray really hurts as much as the protestors are implying with all of their carrying on. Okay. Far be it from me to defend Fox News, but I don't think all of its OWS coverage was Megyn Kelly wondering if some of the demonstrators were being demonstrative about their face-burns. Neal says for all its flaws, Fox News actually covered OWS. ACN did not. What is Sorkin's problem with Megyn Kelly this week, by the way?

MacKenzie says the OWS movement is flawed and stupid and she's not interested. Also, when MacKenzie was on her way to work this morning, an OWS person somehow made it so that she had to walk to work instead of take the cab and it got her shoes wet. Also, they "make the Tea Party look good." The Tea Party got some of its members into Congress. OWS has a "cardboard library." Well, that's hardly fair. OWS hasn't been around as long as the Tea Party. That said, history shows that it will not, in fact, be as effective as the Tea Party.

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