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Previously: The designers started making mini-collections with the help of one of the previously eliminated designers. Mondo, Austin and Michael visited Joanna Coles at her office. The final challenge is to create an additional look with their leftover fabric from the season. Go figure, everybody wants to win real bad.

It's the morning of the big show. Austin's hair is in curlers and he tells Michael that he feels like vomiting. It's like a he's a '70s housewife. A really sad one. But who throws really great parties and will one day have a fashion designer son. Austin is Gena Rowlands in A Woman Under the Influence. He interviews that he's a rock star and this show is his chance to really show everybody what he's all about. Michael gets help from Mondo putting on his jacket as we hear him interview that he is really happy with his collection and has done everything he can. Mondo interviews that he loves Michael and he deserves to be here and he knows he wants it more than anyone. Then, he gets a little teary-eyed and says that he wants it too. He wants it really badly. Mondo's behavior has confused me this season. He seems fairly processed a lot of the time, but in regards to Austin (and Kenley), he just seemed mean-spirited and kind of crazy a lot of the time. My final verdict is that maybe he went home after his last season, watched the show and didn't find himself as witty or fun/engaging to watch as a lot of the winner sorts of people he has seen. Maybe he's hedging his bets (despite the seriousness of purpose of this runway project) and is bringing a little drama in addition to the talent? That's my guess. And, I think that because shit rolls off of Austin and Kenley like water off a duck's back, they were his "targets." Because all of the candid stuff was so much more relaxed. Not the After the Runway stuff, but I don't even know what that was about. Everyone strained to be difficult on that program.

As Austin is putting on his black sequined jacket, Mondo asks him if Liza Minnelli knows he was going through her wardrobe. Funny, I wonder if 1988 knows that Mondo was going through its topical humor. "May the best designer win," says Austin as they leave the Flatotel. They're all very excited. In the SUV that takes them to the fashion show site, Austin says he's about to have a fashion orgasm. I'm not sure that I don't want to see what that looks like.

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