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Double doors fly open, and there's General Chambers, resplendent in military finery. He growls and calls Langley an "old dog." Langley races to Chambers, grabs his face with both hands, and plants a kiss on his lips, which, combined with the fey hat and designer glasses (black-framed, this time, to complete the look), marks him for certain death on Air Force property. Chambers cuts Cal's advance off at the pass, with a bemused "you Hollywood boys," and wonders who Max is. He's just some intern, answers Cal, and tells Max -- who gets all huffy (already too big for his expensive new Tinseltown britches) -- to wait outside while he goes to conduct his business.

Michael is sitting at the Crashdown counter when Isabel walks in and plops down next to him. Sick of the fact that everyone thinks she's an idiot (perhaps because she is an idiot), she starts grumbling about being "the only second-class citizen here," since no one protested when Michael got together with Maria and since Max can clearly do whatever the hell he pleases. She's tired of having to follow the rules. Michael, clearly excited to be the brunt of Isabel's anger and struggling to see from behind his curtain of hair, informs her that he's not changing his opinion because he thinks this marriage is wrong. "Wrong for who?" asks Isabel. Michael doesn't need to understand; she's crazy about Jesse, and just wants to have a normal life, which seems so outside the realm of possibility that her desire comes across as almost quaint. Michael wonders if Jesse doesn't also deserve a normal life, which probably wouldn't include bedding down with Interplanet Janet, and reminds her that everyone they get close to is at risk (for what? Antarian VD? And just what kind of babies will they have?). Jesse's case is special (and rather tragic), since if and when the trouble starts, he won't have a clue what's happening. Copping to the lameness of her decision to keep her foreign status from Jesse, Isabel manages to look momentarily concerned, but the heart-to-heart is suddenly interrupted by the Wedding Freak, who comes staggering over, all flustered, to say how glad she is that they ran into each other. Getting up to leave, Michael tells Isabel that if she really loved Jesse, she wouldn't be this selfish. He's certainly got a point, but Isabel continues to look put-upon. Girl just can't get a break.

WF installs herself in the chair vacated by Michael and slides a brochure for a new horse-drawn carriage company across the counter to Isabel. WF swoons over the "fantastic gold tassels on its harness," which, if you're a wedding planner in Roswell, is probably just the kind of thing that gets your juices flowing. Me, I'm just sad, and wondering when this disaster of an episode will limp to a close. Isabel says she doesn't like horses, which is the first sensible thing I've heard come out of her mouth. They'll be taking a car to and from the reception. WF pressures Isabel to take the brochure home for Mom, and then opens her big mouth even further to blab about how happy she is that Isabel decided not to take the sudden April availability at Emden Pond. Uh oh. Isabel's dander rises, and she discovers that Eunice put the kibosh on the possibility of getting hitched by the puddle (without, of course, ever mentioning it to the bride-to-be). Ha ha.

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