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Isabel's phone rings, and she dives for it to escape further interaction with WF. Which was probably a big mistake, since Max -- making excellent use of his downtime on the Air Force base -- is on the line. "So you think you're getting married?" he barks. Isabel wonders how he found out, and he tells her about his conversation with the maternal unit; I'm developing a fondness for Eunice since she seems so adept at making Isabel's life worse by the minute. Max goes all big brother on her, telling her she's only known "this guy" for a month. Isabel takes offense that Max referred to her beloved as "this guy," and then says that she's known Jesse for four months. Whatever -- Max doesn't understand the rush. Isabel doesn't want to have this conversation right now, he tells her not to make any more plans until he gets back, and she says she's not a child, to which Max replies, "Yeah, well, you're acting like one." Niiice. Isabel hangs up and looks ready for an aneurysm; WF takes one look at Isabel's expression and makes a hasty retreat.

General Chambers, also on the phone (perhaps drafted to weigh in against Isabel's marriage?), hangs up and tells Cal that he can't help him with the ship; the Pentagon says no. Cal protests that it's no big deal since everyone knows the ship is a hoax, to which Chambers agrees, and explains the decision as an increased level of caution in the wake of Pearl Harbor. This thirst for quality has obviously not extended beyond the silver screen -- or perhaps Roswell has gone renegade with an unauthorized Air Force tie-in. I think it far exceeds last week's overly sanctioned Enterprise crossover, but then that's just me. And furthermore, General C., Cal has won four Academy Awards! Cal tries to confirm that the ship is on the base, but Chambers isn't budging. When the Armed Forces are involved, no means no. Tailhook was an anomaly.

Cal exits the building and gives Max the bad news. Max immediately starts bugging Cal to call someone else, but Cal tells him that there's no chance and that it's time to give up. Max demands that Cal tell him what he knows; Cal says, "The ship is here." Max orders Cal to take him to it.

Eunice is enjoying a quiet moment of folding laundry when Isabel barges in; Eunice pretends that she's happy to see Isabel, who immediately destroys any hope of an intimate mother-daughter moment by confronting her about spilling the wedding beans to Max. Eunice looks slightly taken aback, since weddings are supposed to be celebratory occasions and the participants are generally happy to talk incessantly about nothing else; Isabel continues that it is her news to deliver when and how she sees fit, and then wonders how her mother found Max's number in the first place, and I'm suddenly thinking that it's pretty shitty to hold out on your own mother when she's obviously worried about her son, and that if Max is such a jerk to her, then why would she care enough to maintain a code of silence? But that's just me thinking, which I should not do in the proximity of this show. Eunice says she found the number in Isabel's planner -- gaining no points for ransacking of private property. When Eunice offers to explain, Isabel tells her not to try defending herself, and pulls out the Emden Pond cancellation trump card (inspiring Eunice to become very involved with the shirt she's folding). The pond incident, coupled with the leak to Max (when she knew he would disapprove), spurs Isabel to voice the perception that her mother is acting like she doesn't want this wedding to happen. Um, duh -- where have you been for the last 45 minutes, Isabel? Eunice confirms, saying, "Maybe I don't," and then explains that she was hoping to slow things down a bit so that Isabel would have some time to come to her senses since she's making a mistake. Huh -- good luck on that one. Isabel whines that she loves Jesse, and her mother suggests that she date him and get to know him instead of marrying him. Isabel says she's been a good daughter and has made responsible decisions, and wonders why this would be any different. Eunice points out that it hasn't even been a year since Alex (what's that about?), that she's graduated from high school without a plan for the future, and that her brother is off doing Lord knows what. With all this topsy-turviness, it's only natural, she feels, for Isabel to grab onto the first dimwit that wanders along. Agreed. But not by Isabel, who wonders if her mother's opposition exists because Jesse is Latino. Eunice, aghast at that notion, warns Isabel that "if you rush into this, you're gonna wake up someday, sweetheart, and you are gonna be a bitter, live-at-home, twenty-year-old divorcee." Sounds like that's a plan for the future. Despite her bad hair, Eunice seems to be the obvious soothsayer -- with impressive command of imagery -- in a town full of halfwits. Isabel turns and leaves, graciously ending this heated, dialogue-intensive scene. I'm pooped.

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