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Night. Wet streets. A Hummer, one of the stupidest cars ever created, so we know we're back on the base. Max (lock-busting powers in full effect) and Cal sneak into a building and are suddenly in the room with the spaceship, all big and round and gunmetal gray. Cal tells Max that now that he's shown him the ship, he'll be leaving, and, oh, yeah, he forgot to mention that he needs the key, like he's finally found a way to stump him. No dice, as Max pulls out a big opaque diamond-shaped thing that looks like something Elizabeth Taylor might fancy. Max tells Cal that he has to drive the ship, which Cal really doesn't want to do, since it will force him to give up everything he's worked for. Max remains impervious to protest, since it's all about him and his son, and besides, Cal will never be human. After more back-and-forth, and Max's offhand revelation that he's going to find his son and then return (that should be no problem), Cal resigns himself to his fate. He's got to start the ship and then Max can jump on board; he tries one last time to convince Max to stay, but Max insists that Cal shape-shift and fly the ship. Cal walks over to the ship, holds up the key, now glowing, and a beam of light shoots down as Cal transforms into an ice-blue, elongated alien form (it'd be nice, perhaps, to see something a bit less clichéd) and disappears inside. As the ship lights up, Max walks over to the door and prepares for take-off.

Liz, carrying her care-package hatbox, walks over to the couch where Maria sits (and eats vegetables -- healthy girl!) and joins her. Still peeved over Max's lack of communication, she begins unpacking the box and offering the contents to Maria -- a CD, peanut-butter pretzels, the past three Simpsons episodes on tape, the gourmet cookies she created, and a bad photo. Maria asks, "Are we breaking up?" which provokes the only legitimate chuckle of the episode. Liz says she was totally panicked until she talked to Isabel and discovered that Max had called her that afternoon. Maria puts her arm around Liz (effectively halting the break-up), says she feels her pain, and suggests that, since the only thing she can do in a situation like this is take it out on Michael, they go over and give him some hell. Liz plays the martyr, telling Maria that she's been there through all of Max's pain and wondering again why he can't just pick up the phone. Then Maria, embodying the voice of reason, points out that the phone is a miraculous two-way invention and suggests once again that Liz call her no-good man to give him a piece of her miniscule mind.

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