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Countdown to Ecstasy II: Nearly-Cancelled Boogaloo

And finally this week, Bangs calls from the kitchen that "breakfast is almost ready," and we cut to Isabel in her room talking to Jesse on her cell phone. Jesse promises that he didn't tell her father anything, but that "they're onto her." Isabel says that Bangs is also giving "the third degree," and Jesse does nothing to make her feel better, grimly repeating, "It's just a matter of time" over and over again. Isabel, alone in her room, finally erupts in fury, working herself into such a state the wind starts whipping, the windows fly open, and everything in her room starts flying around her in a telekinetic haze. Bangs calls upstairs to make sure everything is okay, and all of the spinning objects fall back into their proper places. But before we cut from the room, we notice a surveillance camera sitting in the corner of the room, which Isabel didn't notice because it's only the size of a small pony. Later that night, Bangs sits on the couch in shock, holding the TV remote limply in her hand and watching horror. Monopoly Nazi enters and walks over to the couch. They watch in silence as Isabel sits in her room on the TV screen, watching the unidentified flying bedroom ephemera. We know, you guys. We can't believe they actually got one good CGI shot either.

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