I Married An Alien

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I Wonder Tangentially About Jeannie

A knock on the door reveals Max. Hello. Hello. Scoop shakes his hand and notes, "You're the guy with the special healing powers." And then '50s Max, wearing a green tablecloth of a sweater vest, registers a look of concern, waves a hand, and turns Scoop into some kind of a dog wearing a similar hat to the one he was wearing last night. Except this time it actually does have the "Press" card on it. Sorry. I missed a bunch of this episode the first time I watched it, on account of kind of forgetting to watch the entire first half. You know how that totally happens sometimes? Darrin/Jesse tells Max, "You can't just go around turning people into dogs." Max wonders how he knows "our little secret" (hello, no comment. Whatcha knowin'?), and Jesse thinks maybe it's because "he's seen you flying around the neighborhood in your saucer again." Max tells Jesse that Michael broke the spaceship, so he had to put it in their basement. Jesse wonders how they got said spaceship in said basement, and Isabel patronizes, "He used the time/space flip string, dear." Max tacks on a "duh," which I don't think was so much in vogue as a word back in the day. But then, he seems to be playing the fussy alien who thinks he's smarter than all the people, so maybe he has advanced knowledge of word origins and morphology in advance of those pesky humans. Jesse picks Scoop up just as Max changes him back, and he turns back into Scoop while being held in Jesse's arms. Perfectly done gag, for oh so many reasons. Back to the future. Max sheepishly tells Scoop that it was nice to meet him. They leave. Isabel tells Max that Jesse told Scoop (whew) about the steak incident, and that they've been "yukking it up" about how was an alien and so on. Max laughs. The dramatic tension is just that dumb. Max offers to buy Isabel breakfast before her first class, and she asks where. End of scene. But no, really. Where? Hello?

Aw, crap. We're golfing. With Isabel's dad. And Jesse's boss. All of which makes for, then, a fine opportunity for Scoop to pull out a flask of liquor and asking Jesse, "So, was she still jail bait when you first met her?" Oddly, into the frame walks Michael, who is playing golf mysteriously. Mr. Evans pipes in, "Michael, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're not a member of the Glenhill Country Club." Not so much. Mr. Evans offers to let him stick with them. Someone's still feeling a little guilty about that whole Monopoly fracas, now isn't he? Well, as well he should be.

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