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We open with Mellie giving a walkthrough of the East Wing to a reporter, obviously part of her attempt to win back the hearts and minds of the American public after she outed Fitz as a cheater and insulted Josie Marcus on a hot mike. Her chief-of-staff barrels in and asks which china pattern they'll be using for an upcoming dinner, then Mellie leads the cameras into another room to talk about her role in restoring the White House art collection. Cyrus walks in and interrupts and did Mellie inform no one that she was doing this interview, or are these interruptions pre-planned to make her look busy and vital? I'm guessing not pre-planned as Mellie laughs way to long and hard at Cyrus's lame joke about not having time to do his hair and then asks if they can cut. The whole impression is kind of chaotic and like Mellie is trying way too hard.

Rewind to fifteen years ago in Santa Barbara, CA, where Fitz and Mellie actually liked each other! We know this because they wake up in bed together, naked, and start making out. Big Jerry yells at them from outside the room, telling them to quit fooling around and get downstairs. Do you know how long it took me to figure out why someone named Fitzgerald is called Jerry? WAAAAY too long. It's like I was only seeing the Fitz part of the name, and not the Gerald part. Anyway, Fitz and Mellie giggle and make out some more and Fitz says he's trying to get Mellie pregnant. Big Jerry keeps yelling and Fitz looks annoyed. But he and Mellie were so happy? How did it all go so wrong?

Fitz and Mellie finally traipse downstairs hand-in-hand and meet, for the first time, Cyrus. Big Jerry explains that Cyrus is there to make Fitz into a viable candidate for Governor of California. Funny, I thought Cyrus was there to ask them to help him find a cure for whatever turned him into a werewolf. His hair and beard are supposed to make him look younger, I guess? But they just make him look homeless. Cyrus circles Mellie and Fitz, taking their measure, while Big Jerry explains that, even though they said Fitz wasn't going to run for another three years, another candidate dropped out and the timing is right. Cyrus likes that Fitz is tall with a good head of hair, and his educational background is impressive. He pronounces, "The wife is perfect," which might be Mellie's first experience being "the wife" instead of an actual person but it won't be the last. Fitz still seems confused and a little put off, but Mellie, all smiles, reassures him that it's their first step to the White House.

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