Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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Bimbo On the Loose
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We open with Liv With Bangs (aka Flashback Liv) getting off the Metro at Huck's station. You know, the station where Huck sits behind a pillar and, I guess, begs for money? I'm not sure exactly what he's doing there other than rocking a giant beard and Afro and being homeless. Anyway, a chyron informs viewers that this took place five years ago. As Liv walks by, Huck asks if she's having dinner with her dad. Liv smiles and reminds him that she does so every Sunday, and promises to bring him a doggie bag. As Liv walks away, she looks anxious about the upcoming dinner, as viewers wonder what happened between five years ago and now to estrange Liv from her father. Well, we're about to find out.

Cut to Liv in a restaurant with her dad. He tries to make conversation but she sits there silently. Through his questions, we find out that five years ago, Liv was working for Cyrus in a "shop" (a PR firm? A lobbying firm? A political consulting firm?), and that Cyrus turned down "running Harvard" to open his business. I'm never sure if I should call Liv's dad Eli or Rowan. I guess I'll go with Eli in the flashbacks and Rowan in the present day. Eli throws down his napkin in frustration with her silence, which has gone on now for five weeks worth of dinners, and Liv asks what he wants. She agreed to have dinner with him in exchange for him paying off her law school loans, but I guess her perception of dinner didn't include, you know, syllables. Given the clothes she's wearing, it seems like Liv has a lot of disposable income, so I'm not sure why she needs so much financial help. Maybe that's why she can afford fancy clothes and a nice apartment: no loan payment.

Anyway, Eli gives a big speech about how he's trying, and he's sorry that he sent Liv away to school after her mother died, but he was grieving and he made mistakes. He seems pretty sincere. If I didn't know what a terrible person he is, I would probably believe him. Anyway, he begs Liv to give him just an inch, because he's really trying to make amends. Liv considers for a long pause and then says haltingly, that she's good and she has a boyfriend. Eli wants to know more about that, but Liv has given all she's going to give at the moment, and turns the conversation to how he's doing at the Smithsonian. He conjures up a work dilemma about adding a new species of mastodon to their exhibit, one that is "solitary" with "sharper teeth" who is "more dangerous." Hmm, is he talking about a mastodon or himself? Liv smiles for the first time that evening and asks him to explain more.

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