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Flashback Liv (and this is deep flashback – Liv is twelve) listens to music on her headphones and eats Froot Loops while her mom, Maya, (played by the fantastic Khandi Alexander, great casting) bustles around the kitchen and promises to call as soon as she gets to London. Maya finally stops bustling and takes a moment to look in Liv's eyes and say she loves her. Liv returns the sentiment. Then Maya hugs Liv tightly and whispers, "Goodbye baby." So did she know she wasn't coming back? She seems pretty happy. Maybe she's a good actress. Maybe she was just leaving Rowan and meant to send for Liv later. All I know is you don't cast Khandi Alexander for a role that's only going to appear via flashback, so dollars to doughnuts that Maya is still alive somewhere and will probably pop up right before the show goes on winter hiatus. That's speculation, not a spoiler.

Cut to present day Liv, sitting in her office, staring into space while the Gladiators plus Jake minus Quinn (my preferred configuration) argue outside about whether they should interrupt her. Huck and Jake say no. Harrison and Abby report that both Josie Marcus's office and the First Lady's office have been calling all day, both wanting an answer, and they need to take one of them as a client, if only for the money.

Liv stomps out of her office, right past her super spy guards, and into the elevator. They ask where she's going and Liv spits out a speech about how it sounds ridiculous that the President secretly shot down a plane and killed her mother, but only her father and the President know the truth. She can't ask her father because then Huck and Jake and maybe she would end up dead, so she's going to the White House to ask the President. When no one protests, Liv closes the elevator door and heads out on her mission.

Political shark Leo is meeting with Sally Langston and her husband about her potential Presidential run. The husband, Daniel Douglas, takes his leave and Leo wonders if voters will see him as the charming frat boy or the emasculated potential date rapist. Sally says that her husband is an asset in that he can work a crowd like no other but he's an obstacle because "he's been known to trip over his own two feet along the way." And fall into the pussy, perhaps?

Leo gets down to brass tacks, and says that they need to shave off the religious right from Fitz's base before Sally resigns. He plans to get some pastors to go on cable news and express dismay at Fitz's penis problem. Sally says that Cyrus will send her out to appease the base, but instead, she'll appear at megachurches and quietly make the case for her own Presidential run. So that's settled.

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