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Oval Office. Fitz and Cyrus are looking over some papers or some other bit of actorly business when Mellie flies in, breathless, and reports that Liv is on her way over, and surely she wouldn't come in person to turn down the job. Cyrus is really uncomfortable with welcoming Liv to the team, given the public and private history, and compares it to a Greek myth although he can't remember which one. But they all agree that Liv wins elections. Mellie tells Fitz he's welcome and he raises his eyebrows at her.

Then Liv comes in. Mellie is all flighty and gracious and I don't like this Mellie at all. I miss drunk Mellie and bitter Mellie. Anyway, Liv doesn't even look at Cyrus and Mellie and asks to speak to Fitz alone, so they quickly vacate. Once they're alone, Fitz takes a few steps towards Olivia, and she backs up and puts a chair between them. Fitz says he's surprised, happy and grateful that she's there. And then he has the balls to say that he wants them to start over. Liv isn't hearing that; she asks him if he flew air support for Operation Remington or if he was somewhere else, on another mission. Fitz suspects that this is really coming from "[her] boyfriend, Jake." Jealous, much?

Liv gains strength and takes a few steps forward, asking Fitz if he's lying about his military record and lying to her. Fitz counters, "Like you did about Defiance?" Oh, I guess we might forgive, but we don't forget, huh Fitz? Fitz goes on to say that he's happy to talk to Liv about how much he misses her (gross) or the weather or anything, but as Commander-In-Chief, he can't talk about a highly classified military operation with her. Liv looks horrified as she realizes that if the answer were straightforward, if Fitz's military record was clean, he would tell her. So this denial means that what Jake and Huck said is true. Liv takes a breath and says decisively, "I can't work for you." I get up off my couch and applaud.

Well, Mellie is PISSED that Liv said no, and she tells Fitz that she "rolled [his] whore up in a rug and unfurled it at [his] feet." That's a colorful image, and also sort of implies that Liv is dead because you don't really wrap living people in rugs, right? Anyway, Fitz thunders that it's done and they'll have to find someone else and Mellie cries that there is no one else and stomps out. Maybe it's because I've never been in a position with any power other than senior class president, but I don't get why these people are willing to ruin the lives of themselves and others over this. Anyway. Once Mellie is gone, Fitz tells Cyrus that Liv knows everything about Operation Remington.

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