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Quinn is trying out her new gun at the shooting range. She's terrible. I know nothing about shooting guns but I do watch a lot of television and I would guess that she's moving the gun all over the place and wincing from the kickback and she's also shooting too quickly to hit her target. But enough about Quinn and her stupid gun because I could seriously not care less about this storyline.

Then Quinn arrives at work and bickers with Huck over why she's late. Finally, Liv walks in and announces that they'll be working on Josie Marcus's campaign. Abby and Harrison are surprised that she didn't choose Fitz, because he's the sitting President, and she knows the lay of the land, and Quinn adds that they had a relationship. Way to make the subtext text, Quinn. Boy, I don't like her. Liv pauses long enough to make them all feel ashamed of themselves and then reminds them that they could be part of history in helping elect the first female President, and concludes, "White hat, people." Oh, like when you worked for the pervy texting Senator? What color was your hat then, Liv? Green? I don't mind people on this show having murky motivations; it's what makes this show great, actually. But it does bother me when they try to pretend like they are heroes for it.

Josie Marcus campaign HQ. Liv and Abby show a clip package of Josie acting like a lightweight: baking pies, joking about housework, and the like. Josie protests that they cut clips to make her look like a cartoon character and Liv explains that the opposition will do the same and worse. Does Josie really not know that? Liv explains that they need to reintroduce Josie to the public and play up her "small town values and military service," and that's going to take real cash from the PACs. Josie's campaign manager/daughter protests that they've already got six million dollars, like that would last more than a week in a Presidential campaign. Seriously, have these people read any of the many excellent books about modern Presidential campaigns? Josie doesn't like the idea of taking money from corporations since her supporters and campaign workers have pledged their support based on her eschewing that kind of money. Liv says that she can run for mayor or be Ralph Nader, but if she wants to seriously contend in a Presidential race, she needs to start making some moral compromises. Liv doesn't say exactly that, but that's what she means.

Cue the funk, as we watch a montage of Josie meeting with big corporate donors from the sugar industry, ocean farming industry, and domestic drone industry. It makes me feel gross just watching, but it's pretty realistic.

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