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Liv comes home to her apartment where Jake is waiting and tells him that she needs more information and more evidence about Remington if she's going to pursue it. Pursue what? Taking Fitz to court and trying him for murder? I don't think that's going to work out. Anyway, Jake understands why Liv needs to know what happened to her mother and jokes, "We're only digging up dirt on the most powerful man in the world. How dangerous could that possibly be?" I like Jake. I hope they don't turn him into a garbage person.

Cyrus and Rowan have one of their secret open-air meetings. Cyrus reports that Olivia knows about Remington, and now she's working for Josie Marcus. Cyrus thinks Liv would use the Remington information to help Marcus if she needs to. Rowan says Liv doesn't know squat, because Jake Ballard doesn't have anything concrete, so Cyrus needs to shut down Marcus and Rowan will shut down Ballard. And by shut down, he means murder, I'm guessing.

Jake meets with a woman named Kate in a diner. Kate has access to the basement files at Langley and agrees to find a particular cockpit recording. Kate has the hots for Jake, of course, but he tells her that he's with someone so he can't come back to her place. Regretfully. As she leaves, we see that some old dude nearby has been listening in.

Josie is upset that none of the fat cats have come through with donations, and Liv explains that none of them want to line up behind her if they don't think she's tough enough to fight first Reston in the primary and then Fitz in the general. Josie doesn't want to go negative. She didn't seem to have a problem with that when she was telling Fitz to keep it in his pants on national television. Liv comes up with Plan B; a major interview on primetime with someone big like "Diane Sawyer, James Reston." Didn't they try to convince us last season that James was inexperienced on television, and that's why Mellie chose him for her big interview? Has he become a television star in the last few months?

Cyrus calls Harrison and asks him to drop Josie Marcus as a client. Harrison is like, "That's not my decision to make, sorry." Cyrus knew it wasn't, so he brings up his leverage: Adnan Salif has applied for a visa to return to the US. In case you, like me, had forgotten who that is, it's the guy that Harrison worked for when they both went down for insider trading. Thanks to Liv, Harrison served a minimal sentence while Salif went away for a while, so he's obviously pissed at Harrison, and he's a dangerous guy. Cyrus lets that information hang out there, knowing Harrison will get the message: get Liv to drop Marcus or Salif's visa will be approved.

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