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Fitz calls Cyrus in and wants to know why Cyrus remains so calm in the face of Olivia finding out about Remington. Cyrus explains that it's being handled, and Jake isn't a danger to them, because he knows the consequences of disobeying orders. Fitz isn't happy with the way it's being handled, because he knows what Cyrus is hinting at, but Cyrus strongly advises Fitz to just stay out of it and let B613 handle their business. Fitz neither agrees nor disagrees, but tells Cyrus to go.

Liv is filling her nights productively, drinking wine and watching archival news coverage of the plane crash that killed her mom. You know, real uplifting stuff. That triggers a flashback to an awesomely mustachioed Rowan sitting on the couch watching the news and crying. Young Olivia comes home and Rowan gathers himself and prepares to deliver the bad news.

Present Day Liv gulps more wine and then calls her dad. When he answers, she can't talk at first, but finally asks, "What was the last thing you said to her?" Rowan says that she was leaving and he kissed her on the cheek and said, "I love you." Liv starts crying and asks if Rowan did love her. He ducks that one and asks why she's calling. Liv says that she has a lot of questions for him, but she's afraid he will kill her friends, so maybe they could talk about "how [she] can't form attachments to people because [her] mother is dead and [her] father is that thing that goes bump in the night." Rowan says quietly that he'll answer one question and promises no deadly consequences. Liv thinks for a minute and then painfully asks if Rowan gave the order to have her mother killed. Rowan says no. Well, of course, because she's not dead. Right? She's totally not dead. Liv tries to sneak in another question and asks if Fitz shot down her mother's plane, and when Rowan won't answer, she sobs, "What did you do? What happened?" Rowan calmly tells her that she needs to leave the past in the past, and Liv hangs up on him.

Cyrus and James get ready for the day and Cyrus tries to get inside James's head about his upcoming Josephine Marcus interview. Cyrus encourages him to ask about her baby, but James refuses to discuss his questions. He assures Cyrus that they won't all be softballs. Cyrus goes on to suggest that Marcus might be a lesbian and James calls him "a shameless monster." He's not wrong. So why is he still with him? Also, I still can't believe any network would hire James given the huge conflict of interest that is his marriage.

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