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After James leaves, Cyrus watches a Tea Party leader, who is also a pastor, go on the news and say that he no longer supports Fitz because of his moral failings. Cyrus calls Sally and asks why the religious right is going after Fitz, and Sally agrees with him. Cyrus asks Sally and her husband to have dinner with Fitz and Mellie to discuss re-election strategy, and Sally agrees to that too. She hangs up and tells Leo, sitting at her breakfast table, "Hook, line, and sinker."

Harrison is researching Adnan Shalif online when Abby appears and asks him to join them in prepping Marcus for her interview. Harrison begs off, claiming he's working on something secret for Liv.

At Josie Marcus HQ, Abby asks Josie fake interview questions to help her prep her answers. Josie answers well, but Liv wants her to avoid making jokes and also use the opportunity to attack Reston's weaknesses. Josie doesn't want to do that. Abby asks a question about Josie's legs, and Josie says she won't answer those questions and will just say, "No comment." Yeah, that will go over well. Seriously, is she new? To doing media? Liv advises her that she needs to show her claws, because right now she's too nice, and nice won't get her elected President. Josie is pretty sure it will, because unlike Liv, she's run a Presidential campaign before, right? Oh, wait. It's the opposite of that. Finally Josie explodes and yells at Liv to stop trying to make her into someone she's not. Josie apologizes for her outburst and leaves, but Liv and Abby are impressed; there are those claws they were asking about.

Harrison walks into Huck's office looking…kind of terrified. He reminds Huck that he's never asked for a favor before, but he needs one now. He needs Huck to make it so that Adnan Salif can't get into the country. Huck says he can erase his visa application. Harrison says, "Good, because if Adnan Salif sets foot on U.S. soil, I'm a dead man." I'm glad Harrison is getting a storyline and all, but this is kind of boring.

Mellie bitches about having to have dinner with the Langstons, referring to them as "holy hillbillies." Says that woman who was drunk off hooch a few weeks ago. Anyway, Fitz reveals that the Langstons have their own problems, because Daniel Douglas has "a wandering eye." Mellie jokes bitterly that she and Sally have something in common after all.

At dinner, Fitz is giving Sally the hard sell about how great a second term will be for her while Daniel Douglas flirts like crazy with Mellie, who is not exactly rebuffing his advances. Sally notices. Sally's not happy about it. Mellie seems a little more understand of Sally's predicament now.

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