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Candy is horrified. Liv and Abby are smiling. James butts in and asks if she's saying that Governor Reston is sexist. Josie continues, "Yes! Yes I am. And it's not just Governor Reston speaking in code about gender, it's everyone, yourself included. The only reason we're doing this interview in my house is because you requested it. This was your idea, and yet here you are thanking me for inviting you into my 'lovely home'. That's what you say to the neighbor lady who baked you chocolate chip cookies. This pitcher of iced tea isn't even mine. It's what your producers set here. Why? Same reason you called me 'a real-life Cinderella story.' It reminds people that I'm a woman without using the word. For you it's an angle. I get that. And I'm sure you think it's innocuous, but guess what? It's not." James tries to take control of the interview back, but Josie wags her finger at him and says, "Don't interrupt me when I'm speaking." Candy wants to stop the interview but Abby holds her back.

Josie concludes, "You're promoting stereotypes, James. You're advancing this idea that women are weaker than men. You're playing right into the hands of Reston and right into the hands of every other imbecile who thinks a woman isn't fit to be Commander-In-Chief." Josie goes on to attack Reston's lack of military service and James's lack of mentioning her service in her intro. Look, a speech like that would probably win a lot of media attention and garner few votes, but I would probably go out and join her campaign that very day, because it's time someone finally stood up and said it.

Cyrus is watching the interview and having silent fits at how James is losing control when his phone rings. It's Pastor Tea Party. Cyrus asks if Sally offered him no gay marriage and no abortions. The pastor says she did, and Cyrus was right: she's running. Cyrus says he likes being married and he's pro-choice, but he can offer the Pastor some new tax breaks. The pastor responds, "The Lord speaks through you, Brother Beene." Cyrus chuckles, "I get that a lot." Oh, Sally. I almost feel bad for you.

Cyrus and Mellie meet in the Oval to discuss how to handle Sally's impending resignation and candidacy. Mellie reveals that Sally has a weakness: she's jealous of her husband's flirtation (and more). Mellie thinks they should use Daniel Douglas's "wandering eye" against Sally somehow. Cyrus is intrigued. Let me remind you that Sally revealed this information to Fitz in a moment of vulnerability, and he just told Mellie like normal conversation. So I blame Fitz.

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