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Jake is doing push-ups in the dark (don't you?) when his phone pings. It's Kate, who has the flight recorder information he requested. They meet in a dark alley (because why not?). The shady older man from the coffee shop is tailing Jake. Kate reaches into her bag to get the information, and the shady older man creeps up behind Jake, gun drawn…and shoots Kate in the head. He tells Jake to check Kate's bag; all that's in there is a gun. So shady dude just saved Jake's life.

Post-interview, the donations are just flowing into Josie's campaign coffers. Olivia praises everyone's good work and accepts a hug from Josie. Candy sidles up to Abby and lets her know that she knows the Reston ad was fake, since Abby's nail polish matches the shot of the shaky hand by the doorknob. Abby shrugs that they needed to make Josie angry. Candy wonders if there's a line they won't cross, and Abby says they'll let her know when they find it. Seriously, Candy. There is no line. I really like the actress playing Candy, who I remember from the first season of Army Wives. I wish they would give her more to do than frown at people.

Harrison visits Cyrus to deliver the news that Liv isn't going to give up the Marcus campaign, and furthermore, he doesn't believe that Cyrus is going to go on record as saying he wants Salif in the country, which is what he'd have to do. As soon as Harrison is gone, Cyrus makes one phone call and gets a new visa issued for Adnan Salif. I mean, seriously Harrison. He works in the Oval. You didn't think he could pull some strings?

Quinn is back at the firing range, doing what my kids would call "playing shooties." She asks Charlie for some pointers, which he is more than happy to offer. There are only like one million other people who could offer gun training, Quinn. While Quinn is busy shooting targets, Charlie calls Rowan and reports that the "seed is planted" and he's just waiting for it to bloom. Rowan is looking at a report about dead Kate and says that Charlie needs to make sure it blooms, because it's important. You know, unlike all those other times that Rowan had Charlie kill people for unimportant reasons.

Shady Old Guy delivers Jake to Fitz in the Oval Office, where Fitz says he's had a security detail on Jake since he found out B613 wanted him dead. Jake wasn't sure if Fitz wanted him alive, but Fitz reminds him of all the missions they served together. Jake wants to know about one in particular and asks where Fitz was during Operation Remington. Fitz yells at him to walk away from this. Jake says this information is his only chance to finally be free from B613, but Fitz thinks Jake's motivations are more Olivia-centric, and tells Jake he's on his own now.

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