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We start up right where last season ended; Olivia's cover has been blown and the media is reporting that she's is Fitz's mistress. The story was broken by the Style reporter at the Washington Post, an unusual person to get such an important scoop. So who was her source? That's way too important a plot point to find out in the first minute of the episode, you guys! All the reporter will say is that there's only one source, but it's a good one, and very high up in the administration. I'm surprised her editors would let her go public with only one source. That's more like a blogger thing to do. As the reporter gives details, we see shots of how our various players are reacting to this news going public. Cyrus looks disappointed. The gladiators at OPA are busy SHUTTING IT DOWN. Fitz is pinching the bridge of his nose. Mellie is curled up with a phone, talking to someone. Was she the source? It's still the first minute of the show! They're not going to tell us yet!

And now we cut to the continuation of the last scene from the finale, with Liv and her dad in the town car. Apparently after saying, "Dad?," she didn't talk at all for twenty minutes, and then finally spoke up to ask why her father tried to have her killed. He claims Jake Ballard was the target. Well, I guess that's possible? Because the assassin came to Liv's apartment when Jake was hiding in there, "protecting" her. Liv looks like she doesn't quite buy it, but they've arrived at their destination.

Which is a private airplane hangar, filled with a private jet. Olivia sees it and immediately says no. Have I mentioned how amazing Liv looks, even in workout clothing? She's wearing black yoga pants and a white warm-up jacket (colors are important, y'all) and looks better than I have ever looked, even on my wedding day. And I looked great on my wedding day. Anyway, her father rattles off a big speech about how Olivia spread her legs and "gave it away" to a man with power, and now she thinks the White House will save her, but they will surely just throw her out like trash as soon as possible. Liv starts out defiant, all, "He would never!" but her father's words (and we see where Liv gets her gift for dramatic speeches) start to wear her down as she realizes that they may contain some truth. Plus, he's just a big dude who talks loud, and he's her dad, and Kerry Washington somehow reverts to a child the longer he talks. I mean the unmade up face and pulled-back hair help, but it's also some great acting.

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