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Requiem For a Journalist
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We open right where we left off last week, or actually a little before, with Jake exiting his car and sneaking up on the meeting between James, David, Vanessa, and Shelby. He raises his gun and shoots the two women in the head, and then pulls out a different gun (that's what threw me although now I know why) and shoots James, who has decided to make a break for it. He turns the gun on David, who begs for his life. Jake says he's always liked David, because he seemed smart, so now he wants David to work with him. Of COURSE, David is going to say yes. Who wouldn't? I'm glad the show showed us what really happened immediately, but I'm still mad that my prediction of a different person shooting the women and then Jake shooting the first shooter didn't come true. I thought that would have been an interesting storyline.

The next morning, David is touring the crime scene with the cop on duty. The working assumption is that James was killed in a carjacking. David looks at James's corpse and looks ill, but he asks the cop to expedite the ballistics and contact him first with any findings.

Cyrus has apparently just been informed; Liv leads him into his office and vows that they'll find whoever did this and send him to jail. For some unnecessary comic relief, Ethan stumbles in sobbing. Liv tells him to pull it together because Cyrus needs them. She starts rattling off orders for Ethan while Cyrus sits, stunned.

And has the first of many flashbacks in this episode. A scruffily bearded Cyrus sits in a hotel bar where James approaches him and asks for some information on Grant's stance on immigration. Cyrus shakes his hand and sniffs at James's employer, the Boston Dispatch. James leaves but Cyrus calls him back and lets James know that he read the hit piece James wrote about Holland Doyle and his influence on Grant, then tells James he should dress better. I think James looks nice; he's wearing a leather jacket and jeans. James asks, "You really think I'm going to take fashion advice from a guy with a neck beard?" They smile at each other as James leaves. There's a definite spark.

Back in the present, Fitz, Mellie, Nichols, and Liv are meeting in the Oval. Liv says they'll have to suspend campaign activities for a few days. Mellie points out that Fitz will miss an important NRA event, but Fitz thinks it would be bad form to talk to gun lobbyists when his friend was just shot down in the street. He does have a point. Mellie is clearly a strong Second Amendment supporter, and Nichols backs her up (because he lurrrrrves her). Fitz doesn't care and tells Liv to reschedule it.

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