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Requiem For a Journalist

Fitz gets a call from Sally, kindly expressing her condolences. No sign of nutbaggery there. She even agrees to suspend her campaign while Fitz does, out of respect. Sally hangs up and Leo informs her that now they can go after the gun lobby endorsement.

The temporary Press Secretary takes the podium and she's terrible. The press is really mean to her; I have to believe they'd be a little easier on her knowing the situation and since they also knew James. Liv, standing in the back, notices that Vanessa Chandler isn't there.

At OPA, Liv tells the Gladiators to find out if Shelby made it to work today, and tells them that Vanessa wasn't at work. They realize she thinks it was a hit, not a carjacking, and Abby takes off to make sure David is safe. It's a good thing for the plot movement that Liv is the smartest person in DC; it's a little sad to me that those two women could be dead in a ditch for twelve hours and not one person noticed or reported them missing.

Abby finds James in front of the Department of Justice and freaks out all over him about how James is dead and Vanessa and Shelby are missing and David is in danger. David insists it was a carjacking and Abby reminds him that they're not lying to each other anymore. David gets emotional (his neck turns really red, which seems like a tell) and asks Abby to let him get through this by doing his job.

Liv calls Jake, who is doing yard work or something. After he extends condolences, she says she thinks James was killed because of what he knew about Daniel Douglas and asks Jake to look into it when he has time. Jake is like, "Yeah, sure" and then he hangs up and gets back to work…digging a giant grave in which to dump Vanessa and Shelby's dead bodies. Whoa. First of all, that's a lot of digging. It seems like it would take a while, even for someone as fit as Jake. Second, aren't there more efficient ways to dispose of bodies, ones that won't leave any traces behind? You'd think Jake would have the means at his disposal to, say, bury someone at sea or feed them to a lion or something.

Adnan gives a pile of money to Marie as a retainer and asks what the next step is. Marie says that they need to find a terrorist; she's not one, even though she blew up a plane because that was personal. Adnan is a little perturbed, because she thought she was hiring Marie to keep things small and private. Marie gets icy and says that Adnan has spent her money well and should leave everything to Marie. Adnan looks like she's wondering if she's gotten in bed with the wrong lady. Haven't we all been there?

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