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Requiem For a Journalist

Liv stomps through the halls of the White House while talking to Harrison on the phone. He reports that Vanessa and Shelby are still missing; she tells him to find out what Leo was up to last night, since he and Sally benefit most from James's death. She comes upon Ethan who says that he couldn't stop Cyrus from doing whatever he's doing; Liv enters Cyrus's office and it looks like he's gotten past his shock because he's red-faced screaming at Ethan for a minor screw-up. Liv excuses Ethan and then listens as Cyrus goes ballistic because Sally is trying to steal the gun lobby from under their noses. Liv assures him that she'll handle it, and Cyrus doesn't need to work today. Cyrus calms down and says that he understands what Liv is trying to do for him, and he's grateful, but he needs to work today. He begs Liv for the chance to do work.

Flashback to Cyrus sitting on a plane during the first Fitz campaign. James finds him and sits down asking why Fitz hasn't taken an official stance on marriage equality when he has a gay campaign manager. Cyrus is shocked and then denies being gay. James points out that he shaved his beard, and he looks a lot better without it. Cyrus has a look like, "Holy shit, he knows. He knows I'm gay. And is he flirting with me? Hold it together, Cyrus."

Huck calls Liv to tell her that Leo seems clean. She tells him to check the Daniel Douglas file in her safe to see if he can find anything that might help. Huck accesses the safe and starts to look at the file, but then he remembers that there is a camera in the back of the safe. Back in his office, he checks the video.

Quinn and Charlie call on a mechanic named Lance McCollum. And by "call on," I mean "point a gun at." He's in liver failure with poor insurance, but Charlie points out that prison inmates get free medical care and even transplants. Ugh, Quinn and Charlie are the worst. Quinn has on five-inch heeled boots like she's hot shit and they're just so smug. It's like those two are on a different show; the tone is so off.

Cut to David watching the interrogation of Lance McCollum, who has been brought in under suspicion of carjacking and murder. The cop wants to officially arrest him, but David says to wait for the ballistics to come in.

Flashback Cyrus stands alone outside an auditorium in Defiance, Ohio while Fitz gives his stump speech inside. Cyrus is giving the speech right along with Fitz; it's kind of poignant because we know from previous episodes that Cyrus would have liked to run himself, but felt he couldn't because he's gay. James exits the auditorium and they smile at one another. Cyrus says James is missing the end of the speech, and James says it's the same stump speech he's heard a billion times. They move closer together and Cyrus doesn't know what to do as James waits for him to make the first move. Cyrus says he doesn't "indulge" very often and James says he's not a dessert, and he wants to date Cyrus. James adds that Cyrus has "a very hot mouth." Really? That mouth? I guess it takes all kinds. Cyrus does nothing. James says that was his move, and now Cyrus has to make a move back. Cyrus does nothing. James waits a beat and turns to go, saying he won't bother Cyrus anymore. Cyrus grabs him, slams him against the wall, and kisses him. Intense, closed-mouth kissing. Come on, networks. If we can handle hearing Fitz tells Olivia's father how she TASTES, I think we can handle a little gay Frenching.

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